Monday, 30 June 2014

Marie Claire Freebie

Marie Claire Freebie 

Just wanted to do a really quick post to let you guys know about the awesome freebie in Marie Claire at the moment, a mini Ciate caviar manicure set. There are several different colour to choose from but I picked up the grey/purple set which I don't think I will be wearing too much in summer but come Autumn and Winter I think this will look amazing.

I only bought this magazine yesterday to keep me company though a long day dancing at a dance show, and the real reason I picked it up at first was because I had already read all the other fashion magazines in the shop! Sad really! But this is the July issue which I guess means it will be replaced by the August issue tomorrow. Meaning that there is only really today to get your hands on this amazing manicure set. Also I got the magazine on offer for something like £2.60! So definitely check this one out if you can, such a great freebie in my opinion. 

Hair Curling With Straighteners

Hair Curling With Straighteners

At the moment I am really trying to make more of an effort with my hair and one of the things that I have always loved the look of but never been able  do is curling my hair with straighteners. I already have some amazing hair curlers which I know exactly how to use and I love the look that they give. But I think that curling with straighteners gives a lovely different look that is maybe a bit more natural. 

You can't even begin to imagine the number of video tutorials I have watched on how to do this, but I think that everyone does it slightly differently so I was always getting confused. I've tried this in the past but failed miserably and so this is the first time that I have stuck with it and done all of my hair. I know it's not perfect at all and I have a lot of practicing to do but I really like the way that this looks. And I think that if I keep trying it then hopefully it will only get better and better. 

I actually wore this hairstyle out to a party so here is a seflie that I took were you can see my hair and makeup :) 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Outfit Planning For A Summer Garden Party

Outfit Planning For A Summer Garden Party 

Just a quick post for an outfit that I wore to a summer garden party yesterday. I wasn't to be fairly casual but pretty and this is what I chose to wear. Everything in this outfit is super affordable too :) xx

Top - F&F
Jeans - Uniglo
Shoes - George at ASDA
Earrings - Accessorize
Bracelet - not sure, sorry
Perfume - Anais Anais
Elephant ring - stall at Camden Market
Eyeshadow - Maybelline 45 Hour Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold
Lipgloss - Maybelline Sine Gloss in Cashmere Rose

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Amazing 18th Party

Amazing 18th Party

With some of the girlies

On Wednesday we wear mint! 


Now that exams are over the party season has started. One Wednesday night it was one of my friend's 18th parties. He's already known for throwing pretty awesome parties but this one was just out of this world! My best friend Livi (the blonde one in the middle of the top two photos) came over two my house to get ready before hand to get ready. We nearly always do this as getting ready with friend can be one of the best parts of a night out and I love just chatting and listening to music while doing my hair and makeup. It turned out that without any planning or discussion we were both wearing mint coloured dresses with a pale denim jacket, flats, straightened hair and bring coral nail polish. It's actually scary how in sync we are, I honestly think she's like my long lost twin! And I'm only 5 days older than her!

When we arrived at the party there were already nearly 200 people there. In his garden there was a marquee with a bar, opposite there was a live band and a dance floor and there were fire dancers and flashing lights and a barbecue! It was so amazing and I was totally blown away! When we arrived it was still light and it was great to see everyone so happy with exams out the way. Livi and I also met our friend Anna (second picture) who was also wearing a mint skirt so natural we had to take a picture and make a mean girls quote! So it's official, mint is the it colour right now!

As the evening came and it got darker the party really started. The live band were replaced with a DJ playing super loud house music and everybody got their face painted with UV paint which in the lights looked amazing. They were also giving out free glow sticks which some people broke and splashed all over their clothes so they literally glowed! Everyone looked so amazing and it seemed so surreal.

Then at 11pm everyone was called to the dance floor where the birthday boy made a quick speech thanking everyone for coming and saying that he has planned a little surprise! Next thing I know I'm up to my knees dancing in foam as it continues to fall around me. I've never been to a foam party before but they look so cool, and it was just awesome! The only problem was that the party was outside and I was only in a dress and a denim jacket (not very clever) so after the foam everybody was wet and freezing. Thank god I have a lovely boyfriend with a massive coat to lend me!

I left the party at 1:30 with a group of girl friends and got a taxi back to one of my friend house. After taking my makeup off, doing my face routine and eating a big bag on Tangfastics I got into my sleeping bag and slept like a baby! It was such an amazing night and I didn't even feel rough in the morning which was a bonus! Such a great way to really kick off my summer! xx

Friday, 27 June 2014

Tips For A Bad Skin Day

Tips For A Bad Skin Day

I'm currently having on of those days where it feel like my skin has just exploded on my face. I had felt like my skin had been getting a lot better recently and over about 2 days I have just suddenly broken out all over my chin. And I know sudden breakouts are a very common thing so I though I would just share some of my tips for deal with a bad skin day.

Know what you are dealing with
Quite often with sudden breakouts you will be able to pin point spots to specific locations on your face. If you can then it really helps to Google why your spots are occurring where they are. Face mapping is a way of doing this. My spots are mostly around my chin and when I searched this I found that it was mostly hormonal which for me does make sense.

Look at your diet

Quite often when my skin isn't having a great time it is because I haven't been eating or drinking sensibly. By doing this you may be able to work out specific food that cause you to break out, for some people it is chocolate or milk. When my skin isn't great I want to hide away and eat even more rubbish and as tempting as this is really try not to do this. Eat rubbish may taste good but it will leave you feeling even more grotty and possibly make you break out further. So really try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

Drink more water
Firstly it will stop you snacking on rubbish and should make you feel a lot better. And particularly in summer when it gets hotter it is so important to drink enough water. 

Exercise and rest 
Make sure you get enough exercise everyday even if it is just going for a short walk in the fresh air. But also try to get enough sleep every night, it is recommended that you get 7/8 hours. 

Avoid makeup if you can 
I know that sometimes this is difficult if you are going out somewhere during the day or in the evening like I am, but really make an effort to go as long as you can without makeup. This will mean that skin can breathe and your pores won't be clogged up so hopefully spots are able to heal better and faster. If you do find that you have to wear makeup then make sure that it is as light as possible and you take it off properly as soon as you can.

Use a specific spot treatment 

When my skin is looking a little nasty I like to use a spot treatment to help get rid of my breakouts. The one that I really love is the Clinique spot clearing gel as I find that it works so well. I also try and keep my face clean and hydrated throughout the day.

Don't be scared to look crazy!

When I know I'm not going to leave the house and won't be wearing makeup I like to wash my face as usual and then apply quite a thick layer of Sudocrem to the parts of my face that I think look sore or irritated or have a breakout. It means I am wondering round the house with white patches all over my face and I do look a little scary but this works so well. Sudocrem is really gentle as it is meant for babies but it dries out spots without irritating them more and decreases spot scaring. I honestly couldn't like without this stuff!

These are just a few quite natural things that I like to do when I'm having a bad skin day. I understand that different people have different approaches and some people will want to focus on covering up their breakouts. But I find this works in the long term for me and I hope that this will be useful to some people. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mini Primark Haul

Mini Primark Haul 

I don't think Primark is the most pleasurable shopping experience but I do think that most of the time it is worth if for all of the bargains. However I also find Primark to be rather "hit and miss". Sometimes I go there and it is amazing and I love so many things that I come out with two massive bags and other times I can spend over an hour looking and only come out with one or two items. Sadly I think that this shopping trip was more of the latter.

For me I'm happy to shop anywhere, charity shops, Primark, discount shops or wherever. It's not about brands or money or trends it's about style. However even if I'm buying cheap clothes I don't want them to look cheap, I still want to be able to wear them in a way that make them look more expensive. Sometimes you can find things in Primark and you just think "wow!" That doesn't look like it's from Primark." and other times a lot of the clothes can just look not very well made and a bit cheap. I don't know whether it's because my tastes are changing that I've started to find this but I'm increasingly finding myself looking closer at the details of clothes. Like the fabric and the stitching and embellishments all give away the quality/cost of an item. I'm not buying anymore expensive clothes than I was before, in fact I'm probably saving money because now I'm a lot more careful when shopping and only buy stuff that I really love and think will last. 

So sadly I wasn't too impressed my the stock in Primark at the moment which was a shame because I always think they do better in summer and I was really looking forward to getting some cheap new bikinis which I am in desperate need of. So I only picked up four items on this trip. One was a simple grey jumper which I think I will get a lot of wear out of this winter. I was really surprised by how soft and heavy the fabric felt especially for only £6. The only other item of clothing that I bought was a three quarter sleeved blue and white striped top. I probably didn't need this but the stripe obsessive in me reached out and put it in my basket. I really like the colours of this though and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it too. I also got these really pretty pair of summery earrings which reminded me of something you could find in Accessorize but for a quarter of the price. Finally I bought a back up pair of black sunglasses for only a pound which is great because I find sunglasses seem to break or get lost so easily. 

So apologies for this not being a very interesting haul at all. And I'd love to know in the comments below what you think of Primark and if you have been able to find an great purchases at the moment :) xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The New Nautical Nails

The New Nautical Nails 

So I like to match my nails to my outfit as much as the next girl, and one of my favourite trends for summer is nautical, particularly stripes which I saw all over this months Elle and Vogue. When the weather starts to get warmer like it is now I really love wearing pretty dresses. I got this one last year from a stall in Camden Market for £8 which is amazing. And Camden is one of my favourite places for cute and unique fashion finds. 

To contrast with this simple stripy dress I wanted to wear a bright coral colour on my nails. Coral is one of my favourite colours for summer and it's such a great colour to wear when you start to get a little bit tanned (which I like to this I am now, even if it is mostly from a bottle!). Turns out I had a few more coral coloured nail polishes than I though but I think that they all look lovely with this dress or in fat with any striped or nautical outfit. Coral is a great alternative for red and I love the fresh and modern look of this outfit. 

The shades shown in the picture are:
Essie - Tart Deco
Essie Cute As A Button
Rimmel 60 seconds - 418 Instyle Coral
Collection - 43 Fruit Salad
Natural Collection - Antique Coral

The colour that I chose in the end was Rimmel Instyle Coral as I haven't worn this one in a while and I thought that it was a nice in-between of all the colours. Really love how this looks on the nails. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Simple Summer Outfit Of The Day

Simple Summer Outfit Of The Day 

Messing about with my camera in the mirror!

Eww, feet! But pretty sandals and nail polish! 

Just thought that I would do a quick blog post because I really liked the outfit that I wore yesterday to look at my brother's art exhibition. The denim shorts and white top make this outfit so simple but I added a few little accessories and a pop of colour on my nails and I just love this look. 

Short - Old pair from Primark
Embellished sandals - Accessorize
Earrings - Accessorize
Turtle bracelet - Accessorize
Dark purple bracelet - Pandora
Nail polish - Both Rimmel 60 seconds    415 Instyle Coral - hands      853 Pillow Talk - toes
Slight tan - I would love to say it is all natural but think Dove summer glow lotion is also to thank!

Hope you all liked this quick outfit post. Now that it is getting much warmer and I am able to wear pretty summery things I am hoping to do a lot more of these. xx

Monday, 23 June 2014

End Of Exams Card

End Of Exams Card 

As some of you may know I finished my exams last Wednesday but my boyfriend Jack only finishes today. To celebrate the end of his exams and essentially the beginning of his summer I made him this card which I am going to put in his locker with a packet of minstrels (minstrels after exams have become a bit of a tradition for us!). See, I will take literally an opportunity to make a card! I made this card really quickly this evening with watercolours for the background and then just some coloured card for the sign. I also used some of those little foam sticker things that make stuff look slightly 3D which I think is awesome!

His exam is in the morning so straight after I am taking his bowling, because I realised that we have never actually been and it is such an old school date. After I'm taking him out for lunch to a restaurant of his choice, but knowing him I'm sure we will end up in Nandos! Then we are going to the cinema to see The Fault in our Stars, and I know that I saw it last week on the day it came out but Jack really wanted to see it as well and it was so good that I don't mind seeing it again. And maybe this time I will be crying less so I can concentrate more on the film! 

Just a little extra post for today. Hope you are all having a lovely summer so far. And congratulations to anyone else who has just finished their exams! It's such an amazing feeling! xx

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask 

I've been searching for a new clay face ask for a while, one that would get really deep into my pores and remove all those impurities, of which my skin has a lot! I didn't know what brand or anything I was looking for which is unusual for my as my beauty shopping list is always full with specific products in specific shades that I've liked the look of from other people's videos or blog posts. But this time on my trip to Boots I was left to wonder round the face mask collections and really reading the back of the product to find what I wanted.

This one really caught my eye as it's a brand that I think might be new because I've never seen or heard of it before and I love trying new products as much as the next beauty blogger. After reading the back I found out that the brand Good Things has been developed by award winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis. I remember that when I was younger I got a book written by her for my birthday called Be Beautiful. It was filled with beauty tips and tricks for younger girls such as how to apply blushes and how to deal with spots and fun pampering ideas. I think it was one of the first things to really get me into beauty and makeup and I loved how it was also few factual and scientific as well so I trusted that Alice would know a bit herself about skincare and be able to developed a really great product.

Firstly I love the packaging because it's fun and pretty and reminds me of summer. The second thing I noticed was the smell and I was a little disappointed as it's really not a smell I like. Although I have also realised that the only other clay face mask that I have also smells pretty much exactly like this so maybe that's just a general clay face mask smell. Before I used this I took my makeup off, cleansed and then steamed my face. I try and do this about once a week and afterwards I love to use a good face mask, especially a clay one. The steam really opens up your pores so after when you use a face mask it get get even deeper into your pores to really clear them out.

The product itself applied really smoothly to my face and I applied a nice thick layer like it suggested on the back of the product. I then left it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. While I was wearing the mask my face started to feel really tight as it dried out pretty quickly but I left it on for the recommend time anyway. I wouldn't really suggest leaving it on my longer as it might get uncomfortable. After taking it off my skin felt so nice and smooth. I applied my Clinique spot gel and lots of my Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser and I was done. I've used this a couple of times now and each time I am so impressed my how much clearer my skin looks the morning afterwards.

All in all despite the kind of yucky smell I love this product. I think it does great things for my fairly sensitive skin and it is pretty gentle so it would be good for most skin types. So next time your in Boots I recommend checking this one out. And let me know if you've tried anything else from this range because I really want to now. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Weekend To Camber

Summer Weekend To Camber

Cutest cobbled street

I'm in love with this little cottage

Beautiful little gardens 

Old fashioned sweet shop. I chose fizzy peaches which are my favourites!

How blue is the sky?

Trying to be creative and capture these beautiful pink roses

It was pretty busy so we hid up in the sand dunes were it was quiet and sheltered 

My baby - Kiara

Outfit for the weekend

This was not just a cupcake, it was a muffin with icing on!

Excuse my face! I like to go make up free as much as possible in summer

As some of you may know last Wednesday marked the end of my exams and my younger brother also finished his GCSEs on monday. So to celebrate the end of exams and the beginning of summer we took a family weekend trip down to the coast. We stayed in a small and not amazing campsite but as we spent most of the day and evening out it didn't really matter. Thankfully the weather was beautiful all weekend so we spend every day on the beach. I now feel like I have a good base tan to start my summer holiday with, although apparently I am a little pink on my back!

We also wondered round the town near Camber called Rye. It's a beautiful little town with old cottages and little gardens filled with all sorts of flowers. There were old fashion sweet shops and cute little cafes that sold delicious cakes. It was such a lovely little place and not overly busy so it was lovely to just spend a few hours wondering around, and in my case taking lots of photographs!

My little trip has been such a lovely start to my summer holidays. After months of revising and exams it was so nice just to be able to escape and finally relax with nothing to stress about. Below are a few photos from my trip. Hope you are all enjoying the start of summer and that the good weather here continues :) xx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

I Won A Maths Prize...

I Won A Maths Prize...

The other day I received a letter in the post from my school saying that I was the chosen winner of a maths prize. On the 5th July, the same day as my leavers ball (a much more important event in my opinion!) I have my school speech day and my official leavers service. It's a smart event for students, parents and teachers on the Saturday morning in a large marque and there is a guest speaker, apparently he is famous but I can't even remember who! Some prizes are handed out to a few people in the year for different events or subjects or service to the school. I've only been at the school for two years and I'm not particularly musical or sporty or even smart in comparison to some of the people in my year, so never would I have imagined that I would get a prize!

I'm still not sure why I got a maths prize but this year I have been working much harder in maths and having extra sessions after school with my teacher to try and up my grade so maybe that is it. I'm just really excited and happy and I know it's only a little thing but to me it's really important. I'm not the sort of person that wins a lot of prizes so this means a lot.

Enclosed in the letter was an £18 bookshop gift card so yesterday I went to the bookshop with my mum to pick out a book that I then have to give back to the school for them to present to me on speech day. A bit random really! The requirements were a serious hardback book. This wasn't the most serious book in the bookshop but I wanted to pick something that I would actually read and not a massive intellectual book to make me look smart on the day but that I would never pick up again. I think this one looks really useful and it's filled with really important stuff about mortgaging a house, buying bonds and taking out a loan. All stuff that I know very little about but I'm sure will really help me in the future.

So now I'm even more excited for 5th July and hopefully it will be a really lovely day with my friends and family. Just hope that the weather will be nice now! xx

End Of Exams!

End Of Exams! 

The mess in my room that I am going to sort this morning! And this is only one of the piles...

Yesterday marked the last day of my exams! So this is where summer really starts for me. I think in general my exams went alright although I did have a couple of very hard maths papers. But I've finished and I can't change anything now so I am just not gonna think about it and focus on all of the exciting things that I have planned for this summer!

This morning I'm having a bit of a sort out and a clear up. I'm accumulated a ridiculous amount of paper over the last couple of months. My desk is pilled pretty high with past papers and notes so I am very excited to throw it all in the recycling and have a nice clear desk again! It's probably a bit sad that after exams most people will want to go out and party and all I want to do it catch up on sleep and clear my bedroom! 

So I'm hoping that I be able to spend a lot more time on my blog and I'll have a lot of exciting thing to share with you. Summer really is my favourite time of the year. Right now I'm heading out with my bestfriend to see The Fault in Our Stars in the cinema. I'm actually so excited because I read the book and loved it and I've watched the trailer only about 100 times! So I hope that all of your summer's have got off to a great start! 
Lots of love xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Gold Eye Makeup Look

Gold Eye Makeup Look

Doing my makeup in the morning or before a night out is one of my favourite parts of the day, a bit sad really? And while my makeup is never really crazy or out there. I do like to try out some different looks whenever I can. Even for school I like to spend a bit of time doing my makeup in the morning and making myself look a bit more awake after getting about 5/6 hours sleep.

Today's makeup look I went for a gold eye look. I used a very pigmented golden eyeshadow (shade 6) from the Undressed MUA eyeshadow palette. And I would really recommend this and I wear it almost every day, I love every single one of the 12 colors and it's so cheap. Also I was very surprised at how pigmented these are and they actually last from when I put them on at 6:30am in the morning to when I take my makeup off before bed. I swept the golden eyeshadow all over my lid and right up to my crease. I also took it right into the corners of my eye and along the lower lash line. Then I used shade 5 from the same palette along my crease and really blended out the colour. The only eyeliner that I used was a brown pencil along my lower waterline. Then I finished it off with curled eyelashes and lots of mascara. I decided to leave my lips natural as it was for school but I think that for an evening out this would look amazing with a red lip.

Hope you like this makeup look. I really enjoyed trying something a bit different and love the way it turned out. I got lots of compliments at school and even my boyfriend noticed that I had "gold on my eyes"!