Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Gap Blue Spring Jeans

Gap Blue Spring Jeans

Don't you just love it when you see something in a shop that you love but it is a little over your budget and then a few weeks later you find it just in your size for 65% off? Plus a load of other bargains in the sale as well! Don't worry, I don't think this has ever happened to me ever, since last week! It was kinda like finding £50 in a coat pocket that you forgot about. And because I bought these in the sale I like to think that I saved about £50 as well! 

Gap is having such an amazing sale at the moment with up to 75% off. And I know three pairs of the same jeans in different shades of blue is a bit excessive, but I just fell in love with all of them. I just think that they are the most beautiful shades and the colours are really unusual. The one of the left is my favourite and then one that I saw first before it was in the sale. It's just the perfect baby blue colour, and I have never see this shade before. The middle colour is a bit more out of my comfort zone as they are brighter, but they aren't bold or in your face and I think they look really classy. And finally I already have a pair of mint jeans but the Gap ones of the right are so much brighter and a much prettier colour. I brought them home and compared them to my other ones and they really aren't that similar so I know I will wear both. And for £15 how could I say no?

So check out Gap now for some really lovely, amazingly discounted Spring fashion. And probably pretty quickly before I start buying everything!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites

April Favourites

This month has been all about the beauty products rather than makeup. Most of the month I was on my Easter holiday which meant that I was sitting at my desk revising with absolutely no makeup on! But I have been getting a lot more into my beauty regime and taking better care of my skin, hair and nails. I like to think of it as starting my summer prep a little early! And then fingers crossed come summer I will be fully moisturised with subsequently radiant and glowing skin, glossy hair and perfect cuticles. Well, a girl can only dream! Anyway, on to the products that I have been really loving this month.

Vaseline Essential Cocoa Moisturiser
Firstly this stuff smells incredible. Anything cocoa and I'm basically sold. I think this is definitely a moisturizer to use before bed as it's quite thick and I think you may have to wait a bit before getting dressed. But I'm mostly an evening showerer so its fine. I find that this really evens out my skin and I wake up the next morning just feeling so lovely and moisturised. Seriously cannot get enough of this product.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil
This is exactly what it says on the bottle. If I could only pick one other hair product apart from shampoo and conditioner I would have to pick this. It just makes my hair super soft and silky which is saying something as I actually suffer from really dry hair. I smells good, it's easy to apply and it doubles up as a heat protectant as well. I mean what's not to love?!

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
It's not as if I even needed another lip balm, I would guess I have about 15 around that house and in different handbags and jacket pockets. But this one caught my eye and I really wanted to just try it out. I don't really know how to describe it and I know it won't be up everyone's street. It smells sort of like minty vanilla if that is even a thing, and after you apply it it feels cooling and slightly tingly as if it is doing something incredible when it is only really moisturising. I have just really enjoyed using this especially before bed as I wake up and its still there!

Boots Alternatives Tea Tree Oil
I go through phases of using this quite a lot and then I seem to forget about it for a bit and then find it is my draw again. This month it has been a bit of a saviour as a had a few really nasty under the skin spot earlier in the month. A few dabs of this on a cotton bud a couple of times a day helped clear up my problems so quickly. I think it definitely works on larger under the skin spots but I wouldn't advise putting it on broken skin or any raw spots as that can really sting.

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colour
I get through top coats pretty quickly as once I paint my nails I will reapply a top coat everyday to try and make the polish last as long as possible. While in Boots I grabbed this becuase I wanted something cheap and quick. It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it wasn't specifically a top coat, just a clear nail polish. But as I had nothing else to use I just used this and I was so impressed with the results. To be fair Essie nail polishes do have incredible lasting power on their own, but I really do fell like this made a difference too. Plus it's just a cheap and cheerful clear nail polish which everyone needs anyway!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Five Trends This Season

Five Trends This Season 

I've never done a post like this before but I though it might be cool if I showed you five trends from the catwalk that are going to be big for this Spring/Summer and how you can get the look yourself at a fraction of the price. So let me know in the comments below of what you think of this post so I can do more like this in the future.

White Out
This season white is the new black. It's fresh, modern and a great way to show off that tan come summer. Think feminine and classic and don't forget accessories. 
  • White Super Stretch Trousers - H&M
  • White Cut Out Shell Top - River Island 
  • White Lace Tunic Dress - H&M
  • Linen Mini Skirt With Scalloped Hem - ASOS
  • Tallulah Espadrilles - Topshop
  • White Platform Court Heels - New Look
  • Mari Wrist Strap Wallet - Accessorize
  • White Mini Tote Bag - New Look
  • Dress With Pretty Cotton Lace Trim - ASOS

Spring In Bloom 
Floral were all over the catwalk this season as can only be expected for Spring. Wear them head to toe, clashing prints and a bright matching lipstick. 
  • Botanical Double Tassel Zip Cross Body Bag - Accessorize
  • Beautiful Floral Top  - Oasis
  • Floral Printed Court Shoe - Oasis
  • White Floral Print Pleated Scuba Mini Skirt - New Look
  • Cut Out Floral Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins
  • Sheer Stripe Floral Cami - Dorothy Perkins
  • Garden Floral Bikini (sold seperately) - Accessorize
  • Pink Vintage Floral Print Bow Clip - New Look
  • Daisy Chain Collar Necklace - Accessorize

High Shine
Fashion takes a step into the future with this trend. Be brave a wear it head to toe with a dress or jumpsuit or take a nod to the trend with some metallic accessories. 
  • Cream Contrast Metallic Trim Shirt - New Look
  • Metallic Leather Flip Flops - Accessorize
  • Silver Foil Cami - Dorothy Perkins
  • River Island Metallic Panel Shopper Bag - ASOS
  • Mango Metallic Pleated Skirt - ASOS
  • Metallic High Heel Strappy Sandal - Zara
  • iPhone 5 Metallic case - ASOS
  • 13-pack Rings - H&M
  • Silve Metallic Wrap Jumpsuit - Topshop

Boho Vibes
Ever since Cochella and with festival season coming up Boho is back. This trend is super chilled, comfy and so pretty. Perfect for those summer evenings at the beach or at a festival. Think ditsy florals, lacey dresses, denim and don't forget you Ray-Bans!
  • Cream Crotchet Floral Waistcoat - New Look
  • Lux Esouaria Friendship Bracelets - Accessorize
  • Lace Dress - H&M
  • Natasha Aviator Sunglasses - Accessorize
  • Necklace With Pendant - H&M
  • Paisley Print Denim Dress - Dorothy Perkins
  • Light Blue Daisy Crotchet Panel Denim Backpacks - New Look
  • Daisy Print Denim Shorts - Accessorize
  • Macrame Bag - H&M 
  • Hairband With Flowers - H&M

Pastel Perfect 
Once again pastels are back for this Spring and Summer. Wear them with everything and mix and match different pastel shades for that super cute girlie look. 

  • River Island Spot Print Sloane Shirt - ASOS
  • Shell And Sparkle Teardrop Earrings - Accessorize
  • Cream Zip Collar Biker Jacket - River Island 
  • Sleeveless Lace Embroidery Top -H&M
  • Peach Lace Insert Playsuit - Miss Selfridge
  • Pale Blue Suedette Court Shoe - New Look
  • Coral Cut Out Shell Top - River Island
  • Georgia Winged Handheld Bag - Accessorize
  • Lace Bodice Bustier Dress - H&M

Friday, 25 April 2014

Two Mags You've Got To Have

Two Mags You've Got To Have

Thought that I would do a quick post on a couple of magazines that I have really been loving recently. I am definitely a major magazine reader, ever since I was about 11 and started reading Sugar and Shout. I don't like gossip magazines but I do love a good fashion mag. And even though that I can never afford any of the designer clothes in them I love getting inspired by new season trends. 

The first magazine that I have been loving is Elle Collections, which comes out twice a year at the beginning of each new fashion season. This is just a great way to see all the designers different collections and is a great sneak peak into the high end fashion world. The magazine its self is just so classy and the layout is always beautiful. I think this is the perfect accessory to have on you coffee table as well as it just looks so pretty!

The second magazine is Fashion Cosmopolitan which is massive. I've never read this before but I do love Cosmo and love how their fashion is such a mis of high end and high street. And for fashion lovers this mag is just amazing. It's filled with high end catwalk looks, this seasons "it" trends and so many different inspiration lookbooks, plus there's even some beauty and hair trends at the end. I just love flicking through this and because it is is a mix of designer and high street it is just filled with some amazing bargain buys. I may have a few things circled and on my wishlist already!

So if you get the change I really would try and get your hands on these as they are great. And let me know in the comments below what your favourite magazines are!

Elle Collections  - £7
Fashion Cosmopolitan - £4.99

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Barry M Aquarium Collection In Mediterranian

Barry M Aquarium Collection In Mediterranian

As soon as I saw this at the Barry M counter I just fell in love with it. I have never seen a colour like this before and I just think it is absolutely gorgeous. The whole Aquarium collect for Barry M is really pretty but quite a few of the colours I have something very similar. And I'm not really sure haw to describe this unique colour but I'll try, and hopefully the pictures will give you a pretty good idea. 

The shade is a very glittery orangy rose gold colour. In some lights it looks a brassy orange colours and in others it looks a pinky colour with gold glittery through it. Since wearing this I have just received so many compliments and I can't stop looking and admiring my own nails! The formula of this polish is also really good and even though I'm not too keen on the thin brushes of Barry M polishes because the polish was really thick and opaque it was fine. I used two coats of this but really I think I only needed one as it is just such a strong colour. 

Words and photos can't really describe how beautiful this colour really is and for only £4 I think you can't really go wrong. Also I definitely think this nail polish is making my hands look a lot more tanned than they really are! Bonus!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Body Shop Bargains

The Body Shop Bargains

I had been meaning to get a new light moisturiser for a while and after hearing a lot of good things about the Body Shop's Vitamin E moisturing cream and never having tried anything from the Body Shop skin care range before I decided it was time to give it a go. It just so happened that when I arrived the body shop last week they were having huge sales! So the bargain hunter in me decided that it was much better value to buy this pack of the skin care set containing the moisturiser I wanted from the Vitamin E range for only £18.

At the same time I was also told that my Body Shop card was running out so I also repurchased that for £5 and received this free Jasmine Blossom perfume which I am in love with. It's basically Spring in a bottle! The Body Shop card in not as good as a Boots card in my opinion, but it does offer 10% off everything you buy and free gifts worth between £5 and £10 when you spend certain amounts so if you shop at The Body Shop often then I would recommend it.

If you read my last post on my updated skin care rountine not to long ago then you might be wondering why I am already changing up my skin rountine after saying I was happy with it. I a my Clinique facial products as they are really good at clearing up my skin. What makes them so good is that they are quite strong and drying and over the last few days it has been a little too drying, hence the need for a good moisturiser. I'm also one of those people that wants to try something as soon as a buy it so for the last few days I have been doing my regular skincare routine in the morning but using these new Body Shop products in the evening.

And I am really pleased with the results so far. The Body Shop collection smells lovely and the Clinique products are still keeping my skin clear but I have also noticed how glowing and healthy looking my skin is as well. At the moments I am really loving using these combinations of products on my skin. But I am slowing becoming one of those people who likes to change things up more often, and I'm still on the hunt for that wonder product so I'm just not saying this combination will last forever. Hope you enjoyed this honest post and let me know in the comments below is you have any skin care product recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them. xx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Outfit For A Day At The Races

Outfit For A Day At The Races

Today was one of my friends 18th birthdays so a small group of us went to the races in Lingfield. The sun was shining most of the time and we had such a lovely day. I bet on a few horses but sadly didn't win anything back. Although the fact that I was even allowed to bet and I wasn't asked for ID was enough for me. We had fish and chips for lunch and then had a pick and mix later on which I had forgotten how much I loved. 

There was such a wide variety of fashion as the races with some people in jeans and jumpers and others in dresses, blazers and hats. I was definitely dressed more towards the smarter end but I don't get the chance to dress up that often and I really wanted to make the most of it. 

The dress I'm wearing is one I have had for a few years from Primark which I think is flattering and not too in your face. I then paired it with my statement necklace from Assessorize, my heels from Faith and a thin brown woven belt. The bag that I used is from a brand called marc b and it is amazing how many different compartments it has and how much stuff it can hold. On top of all my other necessities I also carried around a spare pair of loafers in case my heels got too painful. Sounds clever but then I realised that if I wanted to take my heels off they wouldn't fit in the bag so I would have to carry them round and look really silly! The coat that I am wearing is from River Island and it is one of my favourite new coats for Spring. It's a really pale pink fur coat and it kept me really warm when it got a bit windy but it's still thin enough to wear when it gets a bit warmer. 

Hope you like this post and my outfit. Let me know if you have ever been to the races and if so what did you decide to wear. xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Natural Barely There Makeup Look

Natural Barely There Makeup Look

So this holiday has basically just been me sitting at my desk trying to revise. And because I have barely been leaving the house most days I have just been in lounge pants with a top knot and no makeup. However yesterday I went out for lunch with a friend that I have know since I was about 3 for a catch up. Going days without doing my makeup actually make me even more excited to finally get to sit in front of the mirror. But as this was only a lunch date and it was sunny I wanted a look that was really natural and light on my skin. This look is very similar to the makeup that I wear to school and I love how quick and easy it is to do. 

Firstly I used a small amount of my Clinique sample moisturiser all over my face to prep my skin. Afterwards I used my Rimmel London matte BB cream on my skin as a light cover up. I fell in love with this stuff from my first use but I don't want to talk anymore about it now as I think it really deserves it's own blog post! Then I concealed a few blemishes, spot scars and my dark circles with my favourite concealer which is the Collection lasting perfection concealer. Which reminds me, have you guys read my last blog post on how to reduce dark circles, if not you can check it out here

Afterwards I used a tip which I got from a recent Tanya Burr video which is to use bronzer as an eyeshadow to warm up the skin and look really natural. Like Tanya I have the Bourjois chocolate bronzer which I sweeped over my lids and then along my lower lash line. As we were keeping this makeup look really simple I then left my eyeshadow at that. I used a brown eye liner pencil to then outline the whole of my eye really lightly. I had never actually tried this before but I think it really makes the eyes too bigger and brighter. And I would definitely stick to brown as it is a lot more natural that black, don't press too hard and try to keep the mine as thin as possible. I then curled my eyelashes using my No7 curlers and then did a few strokes of my Clinique high impact mascara. 

To complete the look I decided not to fill my eyebrows in but just set them in place using the collection clear mascara. I then used the same bronzer to define my cheekbones (or lack of!) and warm up the rest on my face. To finish I applied a tiny amount of Rimmel soft colour blush in pink rose to my cheeks and my Deluxe lipstick in the shade 03 Charleston. 

So I hope you this post. Let me know if you would like to see more makeup looks in the comments below. I'm not the most out there or experimental when it comes to make up but I do like to try out new looks and see what I thing works. So hopefully there will be more of these types of posts in the future. xx 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ways To Reduce Under Eye Circles

Ways To Reduce Under Eye Circles

So like most people I am a suffer of dark circles, in fact surveys show that over 70% of us are and thy are much more common in women than me. So over the last few years I have done a lot of research into different ways to reduce my under eye circles. And while none of them have totally got rid of them, that's what concealer is for, there are many little lifestyle changes and home remedies that you can do to reduce them. So here are a few of my favourite. 

Lifestyle choices

  • Drink a lot of water every day, 7/8 glasses is what is recommended
  • Take breaks from staring at TV/computer screens
  • Make sure you get a least 7/8 hours sleep per night
  • Eat a balanced diet full of proteins and vegetables
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun
  • Only use creams specifically for under your eyes as the skin here is thinner and more sensitive and cannot take harsh chemicals or thick products 
  • Invest in a good eye cream that is moisturising but not heavy under your eyes
  • Massage your eye cream in every night using an inward circular motion
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Do yoga helps to calm and de-stress and stress is a common cause for dark eye circles
  • Don't smoke or drink excessively as this can worsen dark circles
  • Dark eyes circles can also e a sign of a medical problem so if they are really bad and just not shifting maybe visit a doctor

Home remedies and quick fixes
  • Hold a piece of cold cucumber on your eyes for a few minutes to de-puff them, well known, seems to work well for me
  • Do the same but with thin slices of potatoes as the starch is really good for bags and dark circles
  • Put two teaspoons in the fridge for a few minutes and then take them out and hold them on you eyes for a while. This one feels really nice and is so quick and simple
  • Wait for used tea bags to turn cold and then place them under the eyes, works like the cucumber and potato
  • Use ice cubes wrapped in a sot cloth or kitchen roll under your eyes
So each of these methods will work differently for different people and some may not work for you at all. Dark under eye circles can be caused by allergies, a cold or hereditary so they can just suddenly be gotten rid off. But I hope that these methods and tips help and give you a few ideas. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other wys of reducing dark circles as I'd love to know. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Updated Skin Care Routine

Updated Skin Care Routine 

I changed up my whole skin care routine over two months ago but am only just talking about it now. The reason is that skin care isn't like makeup, it takes a lot longer to find out if it is working as see how your skin is going to reach in the long run. I didn't want to talk about products that two weeks later I would find aren't working as well as I thought. But I have finished most of what I originally bought and now I am at the repurchase stage so I thought it was about time I did a little post on it.

Firstly if you have read my blog from the beginning then you are probably wondering why I changed up my skin rountine anyway. One of my first blog posts was about the skin care set I was using that was prescribed by a dermatologists. I had been using it for years and it worked really well on my sensitive skin. The reason that I stopped using Clenziderm by Obagi was because it came to my attention, through an email that there was an ingredient in the products that had been scientifically proven to thin skin. I decided that however good the products were for my skin at the moment I wasn't going to risk it, so stopped using them immediately.

For a couple of weeks I used a few different products but they all seemed to leave my skin feeling painful and a bit irritated. Finally I went to the Clinique counter in Boots and they gave me a sample kit which lasted a week. After using the sample kit I decided to just by the products, but skin hadn't suddenly become perfect, but it wasn't irritated anymore. In the first two weeks of using the products, or possible because it was just that time of the month (if you get my drift) my skin got significantly worse. But I stuck with the products telling myself that they were just bringing to the surface the spots that were already under my skin. After about a month my skin looked a lot better than before. I was still breaking out in a few spots every now and again but the overall smoothness of my skin was a millions times better.

The range that I use is Clinique's anti-blemish products. I use the foam face wash, followed by the clarifying lotion (similar to a toner) and then the thin layer of the clearing gel all over my face. After I wait a few minutes for that to really soak into my skin before using the all over clearing treatment (not a moisturiser) and putting a little bit of the spot treatment gel on targeted spots. Then I will use my regular moisturiser and eye cream.

I've been using this set for nearly three months now and I am really very happy with it. My skin is nowhere near perfect, but I am guessing that it more because I'm a teenager, I don't drink enough water and I LOVE chocolate and squirty cream! However it has made my skin a lot clearer and I think all that I need now is a bit of sum to add some colour to my face! So bring on summer!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Boots Tea Tree Nose Strips

Boots Tea Tree Nose Strips

I feel like nose strips aren't one of those things that are talked about a lot, maybe because when you think about it, they are actually pretty gross. Talking about nose strips it kinda like talking about a good razor or a treatment for eczema, not very glamorous. But when something like this works I think it still deserves to be shared.

Like a lot of people I suffer from spots, particularly blackheads, and particularly around my nose. They aren't painful or overly obvious but they are definitely there and no matter what face wash I use or how well it clears up the rest of my skin the backheads will remain. I started using nose strips a while ago, I think I thought they were cool after watching Princess Diaries. I've tried a few different brands but the Boots own seem to be the ones that I always go back to.

These are just so quick and easy to use. Basically you splash your nose with a bit of warm water, dry your hands and stick the strip firmly onto your nose. You then spend 10-15 minutes looking a bit silly until the strip is hard and then you carefully peel it off. After I like to splash my face with water and then use a bit of my Clinique stop treatment gel and a tiny amount of moisturiser. After using a nose strip and removing a lot of the yucky stuff that was clogging up your pores and forming blackheads, you are sort of left with little holes were they were. If left alone they will just fill with dirt and clog up again so it's quite important afterwards to use some kind of treatment or cleanser etc afterwards. The tea tree in these ones also helps to maintain the clear pores and prevent blackheads from reappearing.

These nose strips haven't made me totally immune to blackheads so don't expect any miracles. But what they have done is significantly reduce them and made them a lot less noticeable. I like to use these on a pamper evening about twice a month or when I feel that I really need them. So I hope this post hasn't been too gross and let me know in the comments what your opinion of nose strips are.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Other Spring Nail Polish Favourites

Other Spring Nail Polish Favourites 

So as I said in my Essie Spring Nail polish post, which you can find here, these are my Spring picks from some other different brands. Again there is a bit of a pastel coloured theme with a hint of glitter, but what can I say! 

Barry M nail polish - blue moon
I have spoken in a lot more detail about this nail polish here. Long story short, LOVE the colour, not quite so keen on the formula but for like £4 it's totally worth it. 

No7 stay perfect nail colour - So Simple 
This is such a lovely nude colour and I love how classy this looks on the nails. I don't think nude nail will ever go out of fashion and that can be worn all year round. 

Rimmel Space Dust - Shooting Star
I did a post a while back on these as they came out around Christmas time, which you can find here. I love a bit of glitter and sparkle as much as the next girl and no way is it just for Christmas time! I just fell in love with all these nail polishes, just wish they were a little easier to take off! 

Natural collection - Shimmer Pink 
Firstly natural collection is just such a bargain, for £1.99 you can't really go wrong. But this is just such a pretty girlie colour. Its pretty thin, but for this polish I sort of like that, make it a lot less in your face. Although if you want a strong colour you will be waiting around for like 4 coats of this to dry!

Nails Inc - For InStyle 

I don't know the exact shade name of this but it came with an edition of in style a while ago. It's probably a bit old and needs throwing away soon but I have never found another colour like this, a Lavender blue shade. It's just so pretty and I'm really hoping that it will make it through this Spring! 

17 lasting fix - Chaperone
Last summer I was hunting for a pale grey nail polish for ages, and this was finally the one that I found. Some people don't really like grey on the nails but personally I think it looks so smart, chic and sophisticated. Plus there can't really be any awkward colour clashing with any of your outfits! 

Rimmel 60 second - 210 Ethereal 
Behind Essie I think that Rimmel do the next best nail polishes at more highstreet prices. The formulas are just amazing and while I don't quite think they take 60 second they really don't take long. And they have the most fantastic range of colours. This one is a gorgeous baby pink with a fine shimmer running though it which I love. 

So let me know in the comments what your favourite nail polishes for Spring are as I'd love to hear :) 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Outfit For A Girls Night In

Outfit For A Girls Night In

Last night was one of my friends 19th birthday parties, which was just a small group of us chilling at her house, eating lots of pizza and chocolate, chatting and watching chick flicks. So basically my perfect evening! I just thought I'd do a little post on what I wore as I think this outfit is the perfect combination of pretty and comfy. 

I'm definitly a jeans over leggings kind of girl and even when I'm just at home and not really doing very much it is 95% likely that I will be wearing jeans. Comfy and slightly elasticated jeans are such a wardrobe staple and they will go with basically anything and can be dressed up or down. I have heard a lot about Topshop jeans and how amazing they are but I haven't yet tried then. Mine are from Uniglo which is slightly jeans and they are such a good fit and unlike lots of jeans they are really long on the leg which I love. In fact I love these jeans so much I have them in three different shades of denim and they are basically the only jeans that I ever wear. 

The sequined collar blouse is my most recent purchase from ASOS sale, plus a 30% off offer! When it came I wasn't actually completely sure about it as it was very thin see through material and it was quite a lot longer at the back than at the front which I hadn't really got from the picture on the website. I think when clothes arrive it's really important to spend a bit of time trying them on and working out how you are going to wear them and what else they will go with in you wardrobe. Initially I though that I would be wearing this blouse in summer with a little pair of short but I have actually found that it looks much better with jeans and paired with a high-neck jumper. I really love the colour and the sequin detail of the collar on this shirt as I have been looking for one like this for a while. 

Finally the grey cable knit jumper that I'm wearing is one that I have had for about 4 years now from Dorothy Perkins. I basically live in this jumper, particularly in the winter as it is a bit over sized and perfect for layering lots of other clothes under. It hasn't really lost it's shape too much and considering how many times it has been worn and washed it is probably one of the most loved item in my wardrobe. I decided to roll the sleeves up a couple of times for this outfit as I think it makes the whole look a bit more flattering and I means that the bracelets that I'm wearing can also be seen. 

My dark purple bracelet is from Pandora and the others that I am wearing are from small boutiques in Cornwall. The earrings that I'm wearing are really beautiful ones from Accessorize that I think go so perfectly with my new blouse. 

So I hope you likes this outfit and leave a comment below with what you think or what you would wear to a girlie movie night. xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Five Reasons I love Candles

Five Reasons I love Candles 

I love burning a good candle, whatever time of year. I probably have a bit of a candle obsession with about 15 floating around in my room. But I think there are a few reasons why everybody needs a few candles in their life. 

  1. They smell amazing - there is just a huge range of choice for any type of smell you could ever imagine. Picking your candle is like choosing a perfume, just for your home. It needs to reflect you and your style. And candles are sold in so many places, even supermarkets, so they don't need to be expensive. 
  2. They set the mood - there is nothing better than reading in bed or listening to calming music next to the flicker of a candle flame, especially in winter. 
  3. They are lovely decor - so much though and effort goes into candle design and most of them are so beautiful. They look perfct on any dressing table, coffee table, window sill or any surface really. Another option would be to invest in the lovely candle holder and then you can keep refilling it with candles so it will never run out. 
  4. They are so relaxing - having a candle in the room really relaxes me. I like to light them while I'm working as well as when I'm in the bath!
  5. They have so many other uses - once the candle is finished you can clean out all of the wax and you are left with a beautiful jar that you can use in any way you like. It could be a makeup brush holder, a tea light holder, a flower vase or just simply a decorative piece in a room. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Top Essie Spring Nail Polishes

My Top Essie Spring Nail Polishes 

I think that one of the best and least expensive way to update you look for Spring is with nail polish colours. And my personal favourite are Essie which are not sold in my local Boots and they are about the only thing that I spend my Boots card points on. What I really love about Essie nail polishes is their formula and how long lasting they are. At the moment I am wearing Lilacism which is a lovely lilac colour, as the name would suggest! I painted my nails last Tuesday night in a bit of a rush and I didn't have time to do a top coat. But it is Monday morning as I am writing this and so far only one nail has chipped slightly which is totally amazing in my opinion. 

For Spring time I really love pastel colours and bright peachy colours. And I think that Spring is the perfect time to get a bit more experimental with nails and I have also really enjoyed using glitter nail polish, often only on my fourth finger (accent nail). 

So below I am listing my Essie Spring nail polish favourites in order of the top photo. 

Tart Deco 
This is a beautiful orangey peach colour. I love this kind of coral colour for the spring and then it looks even more amazing for summer on the beach with a tan. 

Sparkle On Top 
This is just a lovely glitter top coat but it looks a little different as the glitter pieces are all different sizes which I really love. 

This is just the most gorgeous lavender colour. If you are looking for lilac with not a lot/any blue shades in then this is the colour for you. It looks really classy as it is not overly in you face but it is a little different than pinks or nudes. 

Cute As A Button
Firstly, how cute is this name? This is a really bright hot pink with a hint of orange tones though it. This makes any outfit a bit more fun and just like the coral I think this will look even more amazing with a tan in Summer and paired with white clothes. 

Pearly White
This colour is really smart and just so pretty. The formula is a bit thin so it needs a couple of coats but the pearl finish is just stunning and I love wearing this on my nails. 

Mint Candy Apple
Everyone was talking about this nail polish last year and I loved it then and still love it now. This is just the most beautiful pale turquoise, not too blue or too green. Need I say more?


One of my friends made me buy this and I'm really glad that I did. I don't even know how this works but this colour is just so opaque and could even be done in just one coat! This is probably one of my all time favourite colours ever. It is pretty and feminine, goes with absolutely everthing and just looks so smart and classy. I believe every girl needs a colour like this in their life. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what nail polish shades you guys are loving for Spring. Sometime this week I will also be doing a post on other brand nail polish that I love wearing for Spring as well so keep an eye out for that. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ahoy There Sailor!

Ahoy There Sailor!

Recently I have really been loving all things navy and white and nautical. I love how they look fresh and preppy and just remind me of my summers down at the beach in Cornwall. So here are just a little collection of things that are on my wishlist at the moment. 

Nautical Wishlist 
  • Lace stripe top - Oasis
  • Earrings - Accessorize
  • Ipad case - Jack Wills
  • Nautical friendship bracelet set
  • Colour block skater dress - ASOS
  • Anchor phone case - J Crew
  • Anchor gold necklace - ASOS
  • White denim shorts - H&M
  • Striped navy flats - Toms

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Revlon Colourburst Reviews And Samples

Revlon Colourburst Reviews And Samples

I bought both of these a few weeks ago but I have been wearing them a lot recently and I though I would share my opinion of them. The ones that I have are Complex, which is a matte nude colour and Demure, which is a sparkly baby pink. What caught my eye first was the beautiful packaging of both the products. I love how the matte ones are matte and the glossy ones are shiny and how the whole packaging is the colour of the products so it is really easy to tell when you are reaching for one. 


This is a matte nude colour that I think is a bit more on the orange side. This is the first matte lip product that I have ever owned and I was very impressed. I really love how this looks on the lips despite what I though it really hasn't been that drying. I have been wearing this during the day with my usual makeup as it looks really natural or in the evening with a smokey eye as it really lets the eyes do the talking. The only thing that I will say about this product though is that you do have to have really lovely smooth and soft lips otherwise it just goes a bit patchy. Before I wear it I usually use a toothbrush and some Vaseline to give my lips a good scrub and remove any possible flaky patches. 


This is just such a beautiful girlie Spring colours. I was surprised at how glittery it was when I first used it but the glittery is very fine so it doesn't look anything like the lip glosses I used to wear when I was 8 or so. The colour itself really reminds me of princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and her gorgeous pink dress. I love wearing this with really light makeup and a coral cream blush to really pull the fresh look together. This colour is also lovely under lip glosses such as Maybelline Cashmere Rose which is my personal favourite at the moment. 

As you can see I have loved both of these products and am very tempted to get a couple more. However I have already got both the nude colours and I am not really a bright lip colour wearer. But if you have tried any of the other colours and you have any recommendations for me I would really love to hear.