Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How To Revise

How To Revise 

I though I would do this post as for many people revision for summer exams whether it be at school or university will start soon. Revision can be a chore but here are my tips on how to make revision more effective and more interesting. 

Step 1: Find the perfect space. 
You need to find a place that you are best able to revise. This could be in a study, at the kitchen table or even somewhere like your local library. I personally prefer to work at my desk in my bedroom. It should be somewhere quiet and comfortable that you can sit at for several hours and won't get back ache, so a comfy chair is a must. I don't recommend your bad as it should be somewhere that you can mentally associate with work as this will help you to concentrate better and not get so distracted. 

Step 2: Set the scene. 
Once you've found your space you need to set it up so that you will be able to work there. The most important thing is to tidy the area ready for work. Clear a space so you have plenty of room for all of your books and notes and stationery. Making sure that there is good lighting is just as important as having a comfy chair so not to ruin your posture. I personally like to light a candle while I work as it relaxes me and makes revision slightly less of a chore. Some people also like to have music playing quietly in the background while they work, particularly with more logical subjects such as maths and science. Maybe make a playlist for songs that you can associate with work, that are relaxing but won't put you to sleep! If lyrics are distracting to you then choose classical music or piano pieces with no lyrics. Radio stations can also be useful to some people.  

Step 3: Supplies 
Once you have you work space all set up you need to make sure you have the right supplies. It can be very distracting to your revision if you are having to go on a hunt for something every 5 minutes. Stationary shopping can actually be really fun, so make a list of all the stationary that you will need for you revision. Here is a lift of a few things you may need: 

  • Black/blue writing pens 
  • Coloured pens 
  • Ruler
  • Rubbers
  • Pencils 
  • Highlighters
  • Lined paper 
  • Graph paper
  • Key cards/flash cards
  • Folders and dividers
Other supplies that I recommend are food and drink. Whenever I start work I always make sure that I have a glass of water on my desk. And if you do decide to snack while you work try and make it something you can pick at and something healthy like fruit or nuts. Having a sugar crash while you work is not a good idea. 

Step 4: Get Organized. 
Getting and staying organised is vital when it comes to revision. Divide your subjects into topics so you know exactly what you have to cover. And make a revision timetable so you fit everything in. You could also order or colour coordinate your topics and subjects into ones that you find more difficult as these should be the ones that you prioritize. I personally like to make a list before I go to bed of what revision I want to get done the next day and then I can tick it off as I go along. You could also make a revision folder of all your notes that you have made as it is vital that they don't get lost. 

Step 5: Be realistic about your time. 
Most people can't go long hours sitting at their desk working without a break. And even if you think you can it is probably not a good idea. I recommend working for about an hour and then having a 10/15 minute break. This way your time will be more concentrated and effective. Revising deep into the night is also not a good idea as your revision becomes much less productive as you get tired and it will only ruin you for the next day. If you are revising in holidays then I wouldn't work for any longer than your typical school day is and if you only have after school then I would say 3 hours maximum. It can also work best if you break for lunch or mid afternoon for an hour or so so you can fully shut your brain off from work before you start again. 

Step 6: Sort your breaks. 
Your breaks should be productive and help to prepare you for your next working session. Exercise definitely helps me not go crazy or even just going for a short walk and getting some fresh air. During my longer lunch break I like to watch some TV and just put my feet up. You can also use your breaks for things that you need to get done for example music lesson practice and driving lessons. 

Ways to Revise: 
There are so many different ways to revise and it all about finding which works best for you. I would always so for a combination of methods but your combination depends on what type of learner you are and your subjects. 

  • Making notes - for some people this is really tedious, like copying out a textbook but for others writing something out really helps them to remember it. 
  • Use mindmaps, picture and diagrams - for more visual learners there are a great idea. Don't waste time on making them beautiful, nobody else is going to see them. Just get all your ideas down and test yourself of what you know.
  • Use books - they may seem a bit old fashioned now but if you find the right book you can't beat the level of information that they have. 
  • School Textbooks - either the school will give you textbooks or recommend that you buy them. These are the most useful books as they will divide everything up into topics for you to learn. The are usually also the set textbooks for the exam or syllabus that you are doing so you would be stupid to ignore them! 
  • Your own school notes - the lieklihood is that it class you teacher has given you some amazing notes that you have just forgotten about. They will have been teaching for this exam for years so they know their stuff! You just need to trust that you probably need to know the stuff that they have taught you.
  • Find a friend - to make your revision a bit more interesting do it with a friend. Get together and teach each other and test each other. They may understand thing that you didn't get it class and will be able to help you. 
  • Use key cards/flash cards - these are actually amazing when it comes to revision. Make short notes on then and then read then over. Or write a term on one side and the definition on the other and test yourself until you've got them all right. 
  • Share notes - sharing notes with your friends or finding other people's notes of the internet can be so useful in giving you a different way of learning and understanding something. 
  • Do practice questions - use these to test yourself once you've finished revising a topic. You don't even have to write out your answers just make sure you know the method and how you would answer them. 
  • Use past papers - these are usually pretty easy to find online and it will make the actually exam so much less stressful if you know what to expect. Exams are not all about just knowing the information but also about exam technique and knowing the style of the answers. Start by just going though some papers and markschemes. Then test yourself without cheating with the markscheme. Finally set yourself the time that you will have in the actual exam and work under the time pressure. 
  • The internet - there are some amazing revision websites and quality information out there on the web. But be careful of distractions too! Going on to the website of your exam boards can be so useful and they will have so much information to help you with the exam. My favourite revision websites are: 
I hope that you have learnt something from this post and that it helps you in some way with your revision. Make sure you treat yourself to days out during your revision time and don't just stay stuck at your desk for hours on end. Stay organised and happy and you will be fine. And remember that exams aren't everything. You get tested so much and will have to do so many exams, and no matter how much you revise some of them will go well and some of them won't, that's just life. But if they don't go your way learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up to do better next time. In the whole scheme of things they are just some exams and there are far more important things in life. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

MaXfactor Lipstick Review

MaXfactor Lipstick Review 

So far this year I have been a lot more into lipsticks. I used to only really used lip balm as I'm not a big lipgloss fan, makes my lips feel really sticky. I bought Chilli 853 the dark red colour before Christmas when I was looking for a nice wintery red. This one caught my eye not only because of the very smart packaging but also because of the beautiful deep red shade with very fine gold shimmer running though. For someone who is pretty new to lipstick this was bold but I had never seen a colour like it and I knew I needed it. I wore this a lot throughout winter and even chose to wear it on Christmas day. It looks lovely with fresh dewy skin and loads of mascara and also with a golden bronze smokey eye for something more dramatic. 

]The formula of this lipstick is amazing as well. The other weekend I wore it in a dance show and it between I was drinking so much water. And when I went to the bathroom at the end of the show it was as if I had just applied it. 

So when I was in Boots at the beginning of the year and I saw this beautiful coral colour, Pink Brandy 825 I feel in love straight away. I know it is early but I already have a lift of clothes and makeup that I want for summer and this lipstick is just perfect. The colour is so fresh and easy to wear and I can't wait to pair it with a white floaty top and denim jeans when Spring finally comes. 

And there is also a beautiful glittery bronze colour that I now have my eye on. Better start saving up those Boots points! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings 

I have so many pairs of earrings, probably a few too many if I'm honest. I don't really like leaving the house without wearing a pair of earrings, even if they are just plain studs as it feels like I'm not quite dressed. But most of my favourite earrings are drop style as they are just so beautiful. I love how they make an outfit that little bit more dressy and more put together. And with a pair of drop earrings you don't really need any other jewellery. So if you're in a rush they are the perfect thing to grab. 

Without actually meaning to I realised that all of the drop earrings that I have photographed are from Accessorize, like most of my jewellery. And they already have some gorgeous ones in from spring/summer, so I would definitely recommend checking out their website. 

So next time you go and reach for the same silver studs you always wear why not try something a little different? They don't have to be overly glitzy or dramatic. You can get some lovely simple ones as well. But I promise they will really give your outfit a little something extra. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Relaxing In A Bubble Bath

Relaxing In A Bubble Bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a lovely candle lit bubble bath, especially when you've been ill recently like I have. It's so mice just to switch off after a long and busy week and have a long soak while listening to a bit of Taylor Swift. And there are a few products that I like to use when I have my bubble bath. 

  • Botanics Body Brush - You might recognise this from my Wishlist #1, while I finally managed to get it with my Boots points. So I'm trying it out at the moment and brushing my body before I get in the bath to get my bloody flowing around my body. 
  • The Body Shop Shea Butter Shower Gel - I love the smell of this stuff and it is so creamy and luxurious. Definitely a winner in my books. 
  • The Body Shop Shea Butter Lip Balm - got to have the matching lip balm right?
  • The Body Shop Shower Loafer - because I find exfoliating so much easier in the bath than in the shower and I love how soft this makes my skin feel afterwards. 

I definitely recommend baths, they do take longer than showers but they are so much more relaxing. It's one of my favourite ways to spend a Friday evening. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

My Top 5 Body Moisturisers

My Top 5 Body Moisturisers 

So I am a bit of a moisturiser obsessive, mostly because I loathe dry skin. And with summer coming soon (not really, but I'm wishing!) I'm trying to up my moisturiser routine a bit more. So here are my top 5 body moisturisers, in no particular order. 

  • NIVEA In-Shower Body Moisturiser - this stuff is brilliant, especially if you are a bit of a lazy moisturiser. You just put it on like you would do shower gel and then rinse it off just the same. I've tried both the one for dry skin and this one and I defo prefer the smell to this one. Both are a little funky but it's defo worth it for how smooth it leaves your skin. 
  • Vaseline Spray & Go - I only got this a couple of weeks ago but I am already obsessed. It is just the lightest most easy to apply body moisturiser that I have ever some across. I have been using it every night just before I go to bed and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin already. 
  • NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - this is the thickest of my moisturisers but it is still pretty light it comparison to others as I hate the feeling of moisturiser that just won't absorb. I use this after a shower when my skin is feeling dryer than normal and it smells lovely. 
  • The Body Shop Shea Body Butter - I love this Body Shop collection, I have the shower gel and the lip balm as well. And it really satisfies my ODCness when I have used all these products and feel like I smell amazing! It's more of a summer scent despite the fact that I have been using it all the way through winter! 
  • Bio Oil - so this may seem a strange one but nothing an beat the product. It is just the most moisturising oil and I like to use it when I have really dry skin on my knees and elbows. Plus it also works wonders on the face and helps to get rid of scars.  

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wishlist #2

Wishlist #2

Faux Suede Pink Loafers - H&M
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - House of Fraser
Biscuit Pocket Mug - Urban Outfitters
Sequin Sleeved Blazer - BooHoo
Colour Block Double Flap Across Body Bag - Accessorize
Large Pink Pouch - H&M 

Friday, 14 February 2014

My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day

So this is my first valentines day ever that I am in a relationship, and guess what? My boyfriend has left for France! Typical! So I actually celebrated Valentines Day yesterday while he was still at home. After school we went back to his house, got into our PJs and cuddled on the sofa while watching chick flicks and eating pizza. Basically my idea of a perfect evening! 

As for presents I always think that guys go totally over the top, is that just me. So I decided to set a £5 price limit. I managed to stick to the price limit and got Jack the OneRepublic CD which I am totally obsessed with at the moment for his car journey to France. But of course he did go slightly over the price limit, oh well, I guess I'm not really complaining!

So tonight I heading over to my bestfriends house and there will be three of us having basically a girlie pamper evening. Face masks, chocolate, sweet, nail painting and of course we are going to be watching Valentines Day. A total must in my opinion!

Above are just a few of the way I tried to spice up my outfit a little for Valentines day. Obviously I was wearing some pink! I hope that you have all had a lovely Valentines day and let me know what you did in the comments below. 

Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed

Okay, so I am still stuck in my star obsessed phase. So I thought that I would do a quick post of the things that I have really been loving recently. I think that as soon as it start to get sunnier and warmer outside I will find a new colour or print obsession. But for now I am totally starry eyed over star print. 

  • Jack Wills Navy Top - so you may recognise this from my A Little Sale Shopping post. Well I love this top so much. My favourite thing has been to dress it up with a statement necklace, dark jeans and a black blazer for a smart evening out look. 
  • Monsoon Grey Jumper - I love Monsoon jumpers, they are so pretty and feminine and they are such good quality. But they are also a little over my budget. I got this one for Christmas a couple of years back and it is still one of my favourite items of clothing. 
  • Zara White Top - Zara do some really great basic tops in a wide range of different prints and colours and they aren't overly expensive. This one is loose fitting and I have to wear a cami underneath it, but it looks really pretty and casual. 
  • Double Star Necklace - I got this in my stocking this Christmas after I chose it from a Christmas fair in Kensington that I went to with my mum. It was only £10 but I think it looks a lot more expensive and it dresses up any outfit perfectly. 
  • Star Ring - I bought this last summer in St Ives after I decided that I wanted to start wearing rings more. I love how they look but I don't have very many nice simple ones that I can wear everyday. What I really love about this one is that it is adjustable which means I can change the size depnding on which finger I want to wear it on. Plus it doesn't leave that horrible green line on my finger. 
  • Star Earring - these actually can with the necklace and are really lovely. I usually wear small simply earrings to school or when I am wearing a necklace and these are a pretty alternative to pearl or silver studs. 
Star print is definitely a more Christmas/Winter trend I think so while the weather in England is showing no sign of ever welcoming Spring I'm just gonna be rocking the star print. Is there any trend, colour or print that you have been obsessed with recently? 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hug In A Mug

Hug In A Mug 

So this could be the most random post that I ever do. But after spending the majority of today in bed with the worst sore throat that I have had in a long time I have discovered something amazing. I say I discovered it but actually it was my boyfriend who forced me to try it. So what is this miracle drink? Honey and water. Sounds pretty gross if you ask me and looks a bit like urine. But this honestly is a hug in a mug. 

Its so simple and easy to make as well. Boil the kettle, pour the hot water into a mug and then stir in the amount of honey that you would like. Don't go overboard with the honey though as it is a very sweet drink. 

I'm not yet a tea or a coffee drinking, I'm hoping that will come as I grow up and become me sophisticated! But this was just lovely and it soothed my throat better than any throat sweet had managed. So if you have not yet tried this interesting mix then I definitely recommend it while it is still pretty chilly outside. 

Homemade Valentines Day Gifts

Homemade Valentines Day Gifts 

So with Valentines day only two days away this maybe be a little bit late for some people. But I thought despite being ill recently it was only fair that I finished off my Homemade Valentines Series. These ideas are a few personal things which all range in time and difficultly and money that they take to make. So here are a few of my favourite ideas:

  • Mix CD - cliche, yes, but cute and personal, also yes. My boyfriend made one off these for me last Christmas and it really meant so much . You can put on all of your couple songs and then surprise them with some cute songs that remind you of them. 
  • Cupcakes and treats - as we all know, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! So why not bake some yummy valentines treats for him and put them in a pretty box or bag? You'll probably get to eat a few of them yourself!
  • Love letter - this is the cheapest and simplest idea, but also probably one of the hardest. Its so hard to write all your feelings down for someone but it is one of the most thoughtful things that you can do. And it's something that they can keep forever. 
  • Photo collage - if you're the kind of couple that likes to take a lot of photos together then why just have then on your phone/laptop? This is a sweet way to have them all on display and could even be turned into a card with a cute message on the back. 
  • Drawing - if you are a talented artists then drawing the two of you together or anything that means something to your relationship is a lovely idea. And even if you are slightly artistically challenged, it's the thought that counts! 
  • Cuff links - this sounds like a really complex idea but it is really so simple. You can order some very cheap cuff link back from Ebay and then stick on whatever you like. My favourite is scrabble pieces with their initials on. 
  • Love checks - this is a little booklet of all the things that you promise to do. For example letting him have the remote for a night, making him breakfast in bed, taking him out to dinner. And the good thing about this one is that they can be whatever you want. 
  • Personalised storage jars - these may sound a bit boring but for a guy who spends a lot of time working at a desk this is a sweet and useful idea that will make him think of you every time he sees them. You can use a jar or a clean tin can and then decorate it with photos or pictures of whatever you like. 
  • Love box - why not just fill a box with a few little bits and bobs that mean something to you both. Such as concert ticket, the receipt for that nice restaurant you went to etc. 
  • 52 reasons I love you - for something really personal use a deck of old cards and on each one write something that you love about that person. Takes a bit of time and thinking but it will really mean a lot and make them feel amazing. A little cheesy, but it's Valentines Day so it's allowed! 
I hope this has given you a few ideas rather than just buying a present for the person you love. For me Valentines day is just about telling someone how you really feel and that doesn't have to mean spending a load of money. So whatever you are doing this Valentines day, I hope that you have a lovely one.
Lots of love
Your Valentine xx 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Homemade Valentines Day Cards

Homemade Valentines Day Cards

So Valentines Day is in less than a week now and I thought that I would do a quick post on some lovely creative and personal cards that you can make for the one you love. Cards and letters are often forgotten about as usually it's all about the gift and the card it just there to say who it is from. But I think for Valentines Day the card is the most important part as its a chance to say how you really feel about someone. I usually try and give cards that I have made for myself to people for birthdays and Christmas etc as it shows that you have given up time to make something rather than rush down the road to buy a card. And there is something really nice about putting some music on and being all creative. 

So now it's really up to you. Your card could be whatever you want it to. If you can draw or paint then this can be a really lovely card idea and you could even get it framed afterwards. For those who are maybe less creative then making a collage of the pictures that you have together is also a really sweet idea. Personally my favourite are the cute and simple play-on-words cards. Below are a few images that I have found on WeHeartIt that might give you some ideas. 

So have fun with this little project because it really does mean so much more than a bought card. But ultimately its all about the message that you write inside your card. Let me know how you are going to be spending Valentines day this Friday.
Lots of love
Your Valentine xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Taylor Swift Red Concert

Taylor Swift Red Concert 

Oh my god! I don't really know how to begin this post! I'm still in total shock from last Saturday night when I was lucky enough to see Taylor Swift's Red Tour at the O2 arena. And it was amazing!

My best friend and I both got ticket for Christmas as we are both total Swifties! I like to think that I was the one who introduced her to Taylor as I have been such a huge fan for years. I think that there is something about the honestly in her music that is so relatable to so many people. She tells of painful and happy situations how they really are and she makes each song into it's own little story like it's read straight from her diary. And that is exactly what made her concert the most incredible thing that I have ever seen. Every single song was different and each so personal. She introduced each song like she was setting the scene for the story, just in a very American way! She'd tell how or when she wrote it and what it meant to her. And for the audience it was so inspiring how personal all her music is. 

The concert was like being at the theatre production, a ballet and a musical all in one. She had a huge number of quick changes and her costumes we so classy and cool, mostly beautiful dresses, nothing to revealing despite her amazing figure. She almost had a different outfit to help tell the story of each song. And exactly the same can be said for her backing dancers and the stage design. Each song was like her own retake on the music videos and it made it the most amazing thing to watch. She also sang a few of her older songs as well as her new ones. But the biggest surprise for me was when Ed Sheeran came on stage and they preformed together!

My favourite moment was when she sang "All Too Well" which was already my favourite song off the album. She sang while playing the piano (of course she isn't only a talented singer, song-writer and guitarist!) in the most moving and emotional way. You could tell how much the song meant to her as it was reflected so much in her music. 

Long story short it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Taylor Swift has been my favourite artist for over 5 years now and has been such a huge part of my childhood. I know all the words to all of her songs, even the unreleased ones, and each mean something different to me. The experience was something that I will never forget and is something that I will look back on for years to come, and I got to do it all with my best friend. 

So if you read my bucket list post which I will link here, which is getting pretty long then you will see that seeing a Taylor Swift concert is on there, just now it can finally be ticket off. And I'm so grateful! Thank you Santa, best present ever!

Write in the comments below if you saw Taylor Swift's concert or even what your favourite band/singer is, I'd love to know. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Eyelash Edit

The Eyelash Edit

I have been wearing mascara since I received one as a free gift with a Sugar magazine when I was about 12. It was the first bit of make up that I started wearing and it made me feel so grown up. Since then I have tried out many different mascaras but I finally feel I have found a combination that works for me. 

No.7 eyelash curlers - these are amazing. They are fairly cheap in comparison to others and they have lasted me forever. They are nice and wide and they don't seem to harsh or damaging on my lashes. 

Body Shop Define and Lengthen Mascara - I have repurchased this three times now! That's a record for me. But honestly this mascara is amazing. I gives thicker longer lashes while still looking fairly natural for daytime. But it is so easy to build up with a few coats for a really dramatic evening look. I doesn't smudge and doesn't flake. The only thing is it isn't water proof so I will have to look for the waterproof version when summer come. But this is a fantastic mascara and I totally recommend it. 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - When I got this I have to admit it was partly because I liked the packaging so much, it's so pretty! I had heard loads of good things about this from other bloggers but thought the whole idea of needed a whole seperate mascara for your botton lashed was stupid. I couldn't have been more wrong though. I honestly don't know what I did before this! The little brush makes it so easy to reach every single tiny bottom lash and it makes all the difference in the overall look of the mascara. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Favourites

January Favourites 

This is my first ever monthly favourites, and hopefully the first of many. I have started trying out a few new products this month but for many of them, particularly skin care I wanted to keep using for a bit longer before giving my opinion. But these are the things that have really stood out for me this month. Hope you all had a lovely January. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 
I seem to have got so much use of this in January, not just for evenings out but also for everyday. I have finally broken out of my "this is expensive so I should only use this on special occasions" and it feels good! For my detailed blogpost on this palette click here

Body Shop Shea Butter Lip Balm 
My lips got so dry this month and this is the product that saved them. It's so moisturising and it smells amazing. Plus I was wearing it like a nude lip colour and it never left any creases or lines on my lips. 

Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30
I had been looking for a daily suncream that wouldn't be too greasy or make me breakout for a while. This one works really well and doesn't make my skin look white at all. I'm not totally in love with the smell but it works so I don't mind. 

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Pore Nose Strips
These are amazing. And I only remembered how much I love them when I used them for my huge pamper evening. They really do get rid of the yucky stuff that builds up around your nose, but you do need to use a little bit of moisturiser afterwards. 

Boots Build Up Removal Expert Shampoo
While I do love all of my Aussie products I was looking for something that would really get rid of all the products and grease that build up in my hair. This does the job perfectly without leaving my hair feeling stripped or dry. I used it every 1-2 weeks and for under £3 it is a total bargain. 

Collect Deluxe Lipstick in 03 Charleston 
I wanted a natural looking slightly brown tinted lipstick that I could wear with a brown smokey eye look. I found this one in Superdrug for £3 and decided to give it a go, not really to see if the product would be good but to see if the colour would even suit me before I splurged. But this was a lovely surprise. I can look past the horrible cheap packaging becuase the lipstick itself is so lovely and smooth and glossy. This was such a bargain! 

CALA Angled Contour Brush
I got this for Christmas in my stocking and have used this everyday since. I use this to define my cheek bones with my Rimmel bronzer and love the look this gives. The brush is so smooth and I will definitely be looking into this brand more for makeup brushes.  

And finally I wasn't sure if I could count this but it is more of an obsession than a favourite. One day I was scrolling through Netflix and decided to give Vampire Diaries a go. Next thing I know I've watched the whole of Season 1 in a week! Not only are Damon and Stefan absolutely gorgeous but the storyline is so tense and really makes you want to keep watching. I'm having to limit the amount of episodes I'm allowed to watch now before my A levels begin to suffer! 

So let me know in the comments down below what you have been loving this month. And bring on February, with a little less rain please!