Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Favourites

September Favourites

Monthly Favourites time! A few things that I have really been loving this month and a couple of things that I have never talked about on this blog before! So lets get started :)

Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub - I only bought this about a week ago in my Superdrug haul but I have just fallen in love with this. The smell isn't horrible but it isn't exactly my favourite. But how this makes my skin feel after I've used it is just incredible! I'm having to limit how often I exfoliate as I just want to use this every time I have a shower! 

Benefit Posie Tint - I'd heard a lot about this so when my friend got me a little mini set from Benefit with this in I was so excited to try it. This is just the perfect natural pink that I like to wear on minimal makeup days. On the cheeks this just makes my skin look so healthy and on the lips it just looks so pretty. And this one is the perfect size for carrying around in my makeup bag. 

Sephora Black Eyeliner - While in Paris at the beginning of this summer I managed to drag my boyfriend into Sephora! And despite my excitement I remained very controlled and this was the only thing that I came out with! Over freshers week as you can probably imagine I've been on a fair few nights out and the majority of the time I like to do a brown/grey smokey eye look with a fairly neutral lip. And this eye liner is just amazing. It's so soft and pigmented and looks amazing all around the eye to really make a look "pop". Thankfully this is also the longest eyeliner I have ever seen as I have no idea when I am going to be able to get my hands on this again! 

La Roche Posay Serozinc - This is another purchase that I picked up in Paris thanks to a video by Amelia Liana. I used this for a bit when I first got it and then stopped about a month later and my skin started to get worse. Now I'm back using it again and I don't really know what it does but I can already see the improvements!

Bourjois Bronzing Primer and Real Techniques Contour Brush - I am combining these two favourites as this month I have always been using these together. I don't actually use this as a primer but for contouring after I have applied all of my skin makeup. I only really use this for evenings when I am wearing more makeup but I love how much of a glow this gives me. And this brush is just amazing for really getting into the cheek bones and blending the product out. My latest Dream Team! Ooh, that I just gave me an idea for a post series, what do you guys think?!

Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF - I got this around Spring time at the beginning of the year in a freebie set after spending way too much at the Clinique counter! And I remember trying this then and liking the texture but it just being about 4 shades to dark for me. And I don't really know how this is suddenly working now as I went on holiday quite a long time ago but the colour is pretty much perfect now. The texture of this is just really light and natural and I have found myself reaching for this nearly everyday for the last month. It is definitely a light coverage cream but that makes it perfect for everyday. Getting worried already about when this runs out! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about what I have been loving this month. I know I love reading monthly favourites so if you have just done one on your own blog then please leave a link for me below and I would love to go and have a read of them all. Thanks :) xx

What's In My Everyday Handbag

What's In My Everyday Handbag

Today I just wanted to share a few bits and pieces that at the moment are coming everywhere with me and I really couldn't live without. So this is what I am carrying around in my handbag at the moment:

  • Purse
  • Kurt Geiger card holder - to carry my travel card and bus pass. Just makes everything so much easier to find
  • Hand sanitiser - yes, I am one of those people!
  • Ted Baker pencil case - not only is the beautiful but it has also come in very useful for taking to my lectures
  • Floral notebook - for jotting down things I need to remember
  • Tic Tac - I hate chewing gum as I think the texture is gross but I will always carry these around with me for after I eat
  • Mini Nivea deodorant - maybe this is a bit strange but I would rather have this for those time when it's a little to hot and stuffy and I want to freshen up!
  • Blistex lip balm - usually I am carrying about 5 different lip balms in my bag without even knowing so this is very controlled!
  • Bourjois healthy balance powder - I've go out of the habit of carrying around my whole makeup bag and I just never really used most of it. The only things that I do top up throughout the day are powder, concealer and lip products. And this powder is just the best and also features as my compact mirror!
  • Rimmel wake me up concealer - I was so late to start using this but it is such a favourite and I don't think I could live without this now.
  • Topshop lipstick in Mink - also featured in my last favourites post. Such a beautiful your lips but better/coffee shade. Perfect for Autumn and you down even need a mirror to apply!
  • Nivea pure and natural hand cream - now that it is getting colder I need this even more. Dry hands is such a pet hate of mine 
  • My watch - actually this is usually on my wrist not in my bag, but its a staple and it looked pretty in the picture!
Black handbag - Accessorize

Monday, 29 September 2014

Hollister Steals

Hollister Steals

Now that I am a student it means that I shouldn't really be spending my money on shopping, especially not in places like Hollister! But on Friday after a day of lectures that was where I found myself. I've always loved Hollister clothes and their casual Californian but preppy style is totally up my street. And as I wondered into the gloomy shop I was pleasantly surprised by sale signs leading me towards a really good sale. I tried so many different things on, so much so that I had to do two trips to the changing room! But in the end I chose these two basic tops. 

You may be wondering why I chose these rather boring looking tops over some of the other beautiful things that they do in Hollister. Like I said I tried a lot of different things on but these two tops just fit perfectly. And even though they are both pretty basic I think that the fit of them makes them look expensive and beautiful. I know I am going to get so much wear out of both of these not just next summer but even now for layering under jumpers, cardigans and scarves. 

And the best part was these weren't only on sale for £14 each but also for a limited time Hollister were offering a 20% student discount! 

The cut of the V-neck on this top is so flattering

I love the shape of this top and the simple details of the buttons, pockets and cut rolled edges.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

More New Makeup Storage

More New Makeup Storage

Only about a couple of months ago I finally got my hands on some Muji drawers to store my makeup. And ever since then my obsession not only for makeup but now for storing makeup has continued to grow. It's a bit sad really! 

Anyway, I got my hands on this clear acrylic storage from TK Maxx while shopping for university and persuaded my mum that this would be used to store my stationary! But as soon as I saw it I knew how perfect this would be for makeup. When I was deciding what to put into these drawers though I chose looks over practicality. Initially the idea was for me to put in this more accessible storage the products that I used everyday. However I felt that this storage was more of a display of makeup so I had to chose the products that I thought would look the prettiest! 

So everything that I am storing here is listed below:
No7 eyelash curlers
Clinique waterproof mascara
The Body Shop define and lengthen mascara
Clinique bottom lash mascara
Revlon lacquer balm in Demure
Revlon matte balm in Complex
Maybelline coloursenational shine gloss in Cashmere Rose
Bourjois cream blush in 02
Bourjois healthy balance powder in light beige 53
Boujois chocolate bronzer in shade 51
Clinique super balm moisturising gloss in 02 raspberry
Benefit hoola lipgloss
Natural collection lipstick in Rose Pearl
Natural collection lipstick in Raspberry
Topshop lipstick in Ooh la la 
Topshop lipstick in Mink
MaXfactor lipstick in Chilli
MaXfactor lipstick in Pink Brandy
Benefit posie tint
Benefit sun beam
Benefit cha cha tint
Benefit the porefessional

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Which Is The Best £3 Eyeshadow Brush

Which Is The Best £3 Eyeshadow Brush

I always seem to not have enough eyeshadow brushes (or they are just all dirty!) so recently I have been looking for a cheap but good brush. Naturally the first place that I went was to Superdrug where I picked up the black brush on the left for £2.99 which I thought was such a bargain. Only when I finally got it home and started to test out the brush I was a little disappointed. Its not an awful brush it is just quite stiff and not very fluffy meaning that it is not very good for blending. I also find application of eyeshadow with this brush quite difficult and hard to make even. However one thing that I have found I can use this brush for is the Maybelline colour tattoos as it can handle the thicker product and pack on the colour. 

Then while I was in H&M (a shop that has probably featured in my last 3 posts!) I saw some makeup brushes. I already have one other makeup brush from H&M which I use for putting eyeshadow on my crease which I think is amazing. So when I saw the eyeshadow brush on the left for again £2.99 I had to try it. And this time I got it home and I was so impressed. The brush is thick and soft and because it is really fluffy it makes eyeshadow application and blending so easy. I am actually quite tempted to buy a couple more of these brushes so I will have to wash them even less often, but I think that's just really lazy! 

So instead of heading to Superdrug to get your makeup brushes go and check out what H&M have to offer. They don't do loads of different ones but the ones that they do are very good and are such a bargain!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Simple Makeup For Lectures, School or Work

Simple Makeup For Lectures, School or Work

Being at uni and having early lectures means that when I wake up in the morning I usually don't have a lot of time as I want to have the longest lie in possible. But I still want to look nice and like I have made a bit of an effort. Recently I have been reaching for the same products every morning that are so quick and easy to use so I thought that I would share them all with you. 

My makeup:
  • Clinique even better makeup SPF 15 (in 03 ivory)
  • Rimmel wakeup me up concealer 
  • Collection concealer (Medium 03)
  • Boujois healthy balance powder (53 light beige)
  • Sleek blusher (suede)
  • Boujois chocolate bronzing powder (51)
  • Natural Collection eyeshadow (crushed walnut)
  • Collection colour lash clear mascara
  • MUA undressed eyeshadow palette (shades 3 and 5)
  • Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in black 
  • The Bdy Shop define and lengthen mascara 
  • Vaseline
  • Topshop lipstick (mink)
Hope you liked this quick makeup post. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them. xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tartan Scarf and Khaki Jeans

Tartan Scarf and Khaki Jeans 

Over the last few days the weather has suddenly started to get a lot colder so I feel like now it is acceptable for me to start getting out all of my scarves! I love this scarf that I got a few years ago on Ebay when I loved Jack Wills but didn't really have the money to buy stuff from there. Tartan always looks good in Autumn and Winter and I love the beautiful colours in this scarf. Because this scarf is quite bold I kept the rest of my outfit really simple with these khaki jean/jennings that I picked up the other day for £13 from H&M and an old white H&M V-neck jumper. For shoes I just wore my new Converses which I have basically been living in since I bought them a few weeks ago. And I wore my rose gold Nixon watch that I wear everyday and my gold necklace and rings from H&M which were in a post on Tuesday. 

Let me know what you think of these outfits and whether you like reading my outfit posts. I really enjoy showing different pieces and what I would wear them with as an outfit. Hope you are all having a lovely day xx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Presents From Home

Presents From Home 

Yesterday I received a surprise package in the post from my mum. And I thought that I would quickly share what she bought me. Firstly she must know me too well as she went to my favourite shop - Accessorize! The first thing that I opened was this really pretty set for my bedroom. It say "Live, Laugh, Love" and I like with these ones how you can change up the order or stack them on top of each other. These go perfectly on the window sill in my room. 

The other thing she bought me where these drop black glitzy earrings. And if you have read my blog before then you might recognise these because I actually already have them, My mum and I must be on the same wave length because only about a month ago I bought myself the exact same pair of earrings. So next time I go into town I'm going to exchange these, probably for a different pair of earrings! 

Hope you are all having a lovely day. It's finally starting to fee like Autumn up here in Manchester. And the other day I reached 100 followers which I am so happy about and I just want to thank everyone that does follow me. I love you all! xx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

H&M Jewellery Haul

H&M Jewellery Haul

For quite a long time now H&M has been one of my all time favourite places to shop for clothes. They are such a reasonable price and I just always find something that I love, particularly the jumpers and the jeans department. However however I'd never really ventured into the accessories section of the store before. Accessorize has always been my number one place to shop for accessories and once I've been there I didn't really need to go anywhere else. And from afar a lot of the jewellery in H&M reminded me quite a bit of the jewellery in Primark; large chunky and fairly cheap looking pieces. Whereas I prefer delicate simple pieces that I hope look more expensive that what I actually paid!

However while in H&M shopping for some black leggings the other day I took a little wonder into the jewellery section. And even though at first I came across the type of jewellery that I expected to find after a little searching I managed to find a few things that I love. I think it is fair to say that quite a bit of the jewellery that first spotted where big statement (and fairly cheap looking) pieces, particularly the necklaces and bracelets. But I did manage to spot this very simple gold V-shaped necklace which I love. I usually wear a lot of silver jewellery but for some reason as we are moving into Autumn I am constantly wanting to wear gold. I think this piece looks really modern and classy and I like to wear it with a simple white V-neck jumper. 

The other things that I picked up were these rings which came together in a pack for about £3 which is insane! I don't think I will ever wear then all together like I have in this photo but at the moment I love wearing a bit of a mix of normal and midi rings. I like how in this pack there is a mix of gold and silver and a mix of shapes and sizes. I also think the silver branch one is just beautiful and such a unique design. 

So if like me you hadn't before then I would recommend having a little look in the jewellery section on your next trip to H&M. You might find a few little treasures! Let me know what you think of my finds or what you think of H&M jewellery in the comments below. xx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Mini Superdrug Haul

Mini Superdrug Haul

Having just arrived at my university in Manchester I was desperate to do a drugstore haul and pick up a few bits and pieces. A few of these are repurchases of products that I really can't live with out and the rest are new products that I now have some first impressions of. So I thought I would do a short post with a little bit of detail on everything that I bought. 

The repurchases
  • Garnier Micellar Water - when I first tried this I really wasn't too convinced but now this is basically the only thing that I use to take of my makeup every evening. And the price is just such a steal!
  • Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails - it's just awful when you spend ages on your nails only for them to not quite be dry and get completely ruined! I wouldn't say that this takes 60 second to dry nails but it really does help speed up the process. 
  • Sudocrem - if you haven't tried using this on spots then you need to change that now! Don't know what I would do without this product. 
  • Maybelline Super Stay Clear Nail Polish - I like to use this as a top coat on my nails as it's a pretty good price and it makes colours look so beautiful and glossy. 
  • Exfoliating gloves - a pretty standard purchase really! I like to replace these every so often as they can get a little grotty after a while
  • Superdrug Pedicure File - I forgot to bring one of these to university with me. And even though summer is over and my feet will be stuck in boots for the next few months I am still going to try and make the effort!

The New Products
  • Tea Tree Nose Strips - I've been using nose strips for a while but I always get the ones from Boots. Wasn't sure if this counted as a repurchase or not but they are pretty much the same!
  • Superdrug Eyeshadow Brush - I never seem to have enough eyeshadow brushes for some reason. Or maybe I just don't wash the ones I have enough! This one isn't as soft as I hoped it would be so I am always still reaching for my Ecotools one. 
  • Superdrug Facial Exfoliating Sponge - I don't use a facial exfoliating scrub so I thought this sponge would be a good alternative to that and be more gentle without having to change up my face wash. I've used this a couple of times and I really like it but I don't think it is something I will use everyday as that may be too harsh on my skin. 
  • Tea Tree Spot Stick - over the past few days I have seen a little bit of an increase in my breakouts, probably to do with it being freshers week and drinking a little. I bought this to control my spots a little and so far so good. Although I have only been using this for a few days so it is probably too soon to tell if it is making a real difference. 
  • Garnier Body Beauty Oil Scrub - I really needed an exfoliator for my body and usually I reach for the Soap and Glory one as it just smells so good buy this time I wanted to try something different. I've used this a couple of times in the shower and I am really impressed. It doesn't smell as good as the Soap and Glory one but it does leave my skin a lot more moisturised. I really want to try out some more products from this range now. 
  • Venus And Olay Razor Heads - Basically I just needed some more razor heads, not very interesting. But I picked these ones up because I thought that they would be more moisturising. I was a bit annoyed when I opened the packet that there were only 3 however when I did use these they were so much more gentle on my skin and I am definitely very please with these even if they are a bit more on the expensive side. 
Hope you liked this post. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Last Nights Party Outfit

Last Nights Party Outfit 

Being in my freshers week at university means that over the past few days I have been out a lot. And while quite a few of those times has been in a university t-shirt or a fancy dress costume last night I finally managed to wear something pretty. So I thought I would quickly share this outfit with you and I hope you all like it. 

Monochrome is really in at the moment so I kept by colour palette to black and white and then accessorised with some jewellery. I love this outfit as I think it is really simple and classy but also quite clubbing appropriate at the same time. And this was the first time that I have worn a cropped top with a high waisted skirt and I really love how it looks. The skirt I actually bought yesterday (so much for student budgeting!) and I love the subtle textured pattern and it has a lovely gold zip part the way down the back. I am going to be looking for more cropped tops now to pair with this skirt and others that I own. Would love to hear in the comments places where I can get really pretty cropped tops from. 

Also if you want to see a picture of me wearing this outfit then check out my Instagram account by the link on this page. 

Skirt - H&M
Cropped top - Boohoo

Clutch - Accessorize
Necklace - Accessorize
Watch - Nixon

Friday, 19 September 2014

My Top Essie Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

My Top Essie Autunm/Winter Nail Polishes 

A few months ago I did two posts on my favourite Essie and my favourite other brand Spring/Summer nail polishes. So I thought that I would do the same two posts again but for Autumn/Winter. I'm starting off with Essie, my favourite nail polish brand in my favourite shades this season. Hope you guys like this quick post and let me know in the comments below which colour is your favourite. 

Shades starting from the left: 
  • Thigh high
  • Merino cool
  • Bahama mama
  • Trophy wife
  • It's genius
  • Midnight cami
  • Power clutch
  • Angora cardie

Monday, 15 September 2014

Pictures From The Last Few Days

Pictures From The Last Few Days

So if you read my blog you will know that a few days ago I moved to Manchester University, which should explain why I haven't been very active over the past few days! I was super nervous but so far I have met so many lovely people and I'm just having the best time. I can't believe how friendly everyone is! A bit of a lazy post today but I promise I am getting into more of a routine and post should become more regular again. But for now I just thought I would share with you a few pictures from the last few days. 

My welcome week wristband that is getting me into all of the events this week!

So this how much stuff that I bought to uni with me...

Starting to decorate my pin board in my dorm room

Loving my new stationery from Sainsburys

These are the cushion covers that I made for my room. Love how pretty they look together.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Outfit For An Evening Out

Outfit For An Evening Out 

Can't stop wearing my new black clutch from Accessorize

My statement winter earrings from Accessorize. 

Love the combination of these three with the little hints of gold.

A really simple outfit dressed up with accessories.

I also kept my makeup really simple and focused on long fluttery lashes. 

The other night I went over to a friends house with a group of friends for drinks, pizza and a catch up before we all go off to university. I just wanted to share with you the outfit and makeup that I wore that evening. I also wanted to apologise for the quality of some of the photos! I was running a bit late so I didn't have long and as you can probably tell I was struggling with the sunlight! Anyway, hope you like this :) xx

Also I just wanted to add that I am going up to university in Manchester tomorrow so while I unpack and settle down it may be a few days before I post again. Hope you all understand. And I am really looking forward to decorating my dorm room and showing you guys! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Little Accessorize Trip

A Little Accessorize Trip 

Yesterday I had to go into town quickly to pick up a few bits and pieces. While I was waiting for my mum I went into Accessorize one of my all time favourite shops and found two things that I have been looking for for ages. 

The first thing was these hair bows. I've seen quite a few of these around again and I wasn't too sure at first. They remind of when I was about 11 and I had satin pink ones from New Look that I used to clip back a random bit of my hair from the front! Does anyone else remember that?! But recently I've been seeing them in more sophisticated colours and fabrics and I really like them. I'm not really a fan of the ones bigger than this but I think these would be perfect for adding something extra to a simple ponytail (which are all over the catwalks this season) or a half up half down hairstyle. 

The second thing was this black clutch with gold studded flowers on the front. During summer they did this same bag in a few pastel colours and I really loved the white one but I didn't no when I was going to use it so I left it. I off to university in a few days now and I have been looking for a little black clutch that I can take with me on nights out. This bag is absolutely perfect and when I saw it I feel like it was love at first sight! Firstly I love that this is not a structured clutch as I thing I will be able to fit a lot of stuff in here. And I like that this has two separate compartments. Secondly this has a popper and zips which should mean that my stuff stays safer in the evening. One of the most important things for me when looking for a black clutch bag was that it had a long strap, which so many didn't. This one is just perfect as I can detach the strap when I don't want it and just use it as a clutch. And if I am going out and dancing I can wear my bag across my body and still have both hands free, plus it is less likely to be stolen that way. The strap folds up pretty small so I could keep it in the front pocket and just attach it during the night. And finally I think that the studded flowers on the front are so pretty and just a little bit different. And the bag goes really well with my new watch! 

You can find these products using the links below:
Black Daisy Handbag

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day Trip To Camden

Day Trip To Camden 

The other day I went to Camden Market in London with a few friends. I love Camden as it is so different to lots of the popular parts of London. Also the food is amazing and the market stalls remind me of when you go on holiday to another country. I took my camera on the trip but sadly I didn't take very many photos at all. Even so, I though I would quickly share with you the few that I did take and if you have never been before hopefully you can get a feel for Camden. 

Beautiful vintage looking clothes shops. I wish I had taken more money as there was so much stuff I wanted to buy!

We spent ages in this shop as it was just so cool!

For lunch I had such a good carbonara from one of the food stalls. After I had some amazing mini pancakes wit Nutella on. And then even later in the day we all shared some amazing warm mini donuts!

The other day I went to Camden Market in London with a few friends. I love Camden as it is so different to lots of the popular parts of London. Also the food is amazing and the market stalls remind me of when you go on holiday to another country. I took my camera on the trip but sadly I didn't take very many photos at all. Even so, I though I would quickly share with you the few that I did take and if you have never been before hopefully you can get a feel for Camden. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Best Face Mask Combination

The Best Face Mask Combination

A few weeks ago I was watching an Essie Button video where she talked a little bit about using two face masks together; a deep cleanse one to remove impurities and then a moisturising one to replenish the skin afterwards. Whenever I used a face mask I always looked at my skin and decided which type of face mask I needed more. But clay face masks can be a little drying and moisturising face masks can feel like they are just clogging up your pores. 

So I tried this idea out by first doing my normal face routine, then using the Manuka Honey radiance face mask followed by the Vitamin E moisture face mask. Afterwards I was pretty impressed by the results and I think that there are very few moments where my skin has felt that clean and fresh. And the moisture face mask had prevented my skin from feeling dry after the clay mask. 

However the really improvement could be seen the morning after. When I woke up my skin just looked so much better and smoother. And the few under the skin spots that I could feel coming though before had all significantly gone down or gone altogether! I was just so impressed by what this has done to my skin. Recently I have been trying a few different skin product and thinking a bit more about what I eat and my skin is really starting to improve. And I think this combination of masks is definitely contributing to the improvement. 

I have also done detailed reviews of both of these mask before so you can have a read of those by clicking on the links below. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E face mask
Good Things Manuake Honey radiance clay face mask

Monday, 8 September 2014

Today In Pictures - 08/09/2014

Today In Pictures - 08/09/2014

New fairy lights arrived! Can never have enough of these! 

Sorting some folders before I get to university

My no-makeup makeup look

Someone did some shopping...

Yeah, it was me! And this is what I bought!

I had a little bit of money to spend from my birthday so I bought this beautiful top. It's navy (yay!) and I love the print. I also love tops that are 3/4 sleeved as I find then a lot more flattering. 

This top looks so perfect with a pair of jeans 

Cookie time! 

Decided to do a little bit of painting this evening while watching some Netflix

Hope you guys are all having a lovely day. xx