Monday, 31 March 2014

Dance Show Hair And Makeup

Dance Show Hair And Makeup

So I spent the whole of this weekend dancing with my dance school and had the most amazing time. We arrived at 8:30am on Saturday morning and where shown to our dressing rooms and where we needed to be. After that we had a full dress and tech rehearsal which was really stressful. In the first act I wasn't dancing very much but I was looking after the much younger children (aged 4-7) and doing lots of their quick changes. It was so rushed and there were a few times where we nearly missed it, but the kids were so cute and they just say the funniest things!

After the rehearsal we had just under an hour to do all of our hair and makeup and pre-set or costumes again ready for the matinee performance. The pictures above are of my hair and makeup. I did a kind of smokey eye and red lips and then we all had to have our hair the same, half up in a french plait. Apart from a little bit of a ribbon mess up in the ballet dance everything went well. 

On Sunday we arrived back again but at midday, ready to go straight into the matinee which again went really well. Then we were allowed to leave for a hour and a half where I met up with my family and went out for a meal at Pizza Express for Mothers Day. I was so hungry as I had skipped lunch for being so busy dancing, but it was so difficult not to eat loads and really quickly as I didn't want to feel sick for the evening performance!

The evening performance was the one that I had been most nervous about. Firstly this was the show that all of my friends and family were coming to watch and secondly this was my very last show ever. I have been dancing with my dance school, Housley since 2002, when I was 5. Over the years I have done ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical theatre, singing and drama and well as having a job of teaching ballet, modern and tap to the younger children. The dance school has been a huge part of my childhood and I have so many happy memories of being there and all the friends that I have made. I made the decision a while ago that after the show I wouldn't go back so I could focus on my exams, meaning that last night was my very last time at Housley which was very emotional. 

A few of us started crying just before the finale, and once I started I just couldn't stop! Seeing everyone come on the stage together and clapping to the same song we have every show at the finale, One step closer - S club juniors was so hard and almost too much for me. It felt like I was just saying goodbye to a huge part of my childhood. The was a special mention at the end for myself and the three others that were my age and also leaving, which just made me cry even more! And I think some of the very young children were worried about why I was crying! There was lots of crying and hugging and promises to stay in touch down in the dressing room and very long goodbyes as we all sang/wailed to Whitney Houston! 

I finally stopped crying in the car on the way home and took my makeup off and got straight to sleep as I was so tired. I'm very lucky that I had already broken up for the Easter holidays as many of my friends were back at school today. I think today I will just rest and sort things out and get organised before I start some revision tomorrow.

Below I have found a few photos that we took during the dance show. And they were taken on Iphone so the quality really isn't that great, sorry. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Last Day Of Term

Last Day Of Term 

The Friday just gone was the last day of term before I broke up for Easter holidays. It was sort of exciting that I was now on a three week holiday but also very scary that exams are that little bit nearer. And this is meant to be the first serious revision holiday - so not really a holiday after all. Friday was actually only a half day for us so we had three lessons in the morning,  for me double geography and a free with all my friends which was pretty lucky! After that we had break time and them some time on our tutor groups to sort admin and receive our terms grades - which I was really happy with. Then at about midday we had an hour long whole school assembly. It was so boring, and basically just everyone continuously clapping as the next person received their prize for drama or music or hockey or rugby. 

After school I got the bus home to my boyfriend, Jack's house. I was going to meet him on his bus after school assembly and it got to 1:15pm when the buses were meant to be leaving and he still wasn't there! All of a sudden he climbed onto the bus looking very grumpy becuase he had managed to loose his whole school bag which had some of his economics books in that he needed for revision! He is useless! Then we arrived back to his house and he announced that he didn't have any keys, so we had to wait house for nextdoor to give us the spare house keys that they kept!

When we finally got inside we each showered and changed into comfy clothes ready for movie time. We made a giant milkshake using ice cream, milk. Oreo and Galaxy chocolate, which tasted amazing! We ended up watching Toy Story 3 and then we had a nap after as we had both had so much milkshake we felt a bit sick! Later we had dinner with his family and they drove me home at about 8:30 as I had to pack for my dance show the next day. 

The picture is just my outfit and hair on the last day as I really liked what I was wearing and it was really nice and summery! Hope you guys are having a lovely holiday so far if it has started or are just enjoying the weekend and Mothers Day. x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Clinique Spring Offer

Clinique Spring Offer

 So last weekend on my weekly tip to Boots, and yes it has now become a thing. The staff have all started to recognise me as I walk in on a saturday afternoon now! Anyway, I headed over to the Clinique counter to pick up some anti-blemish gel for my skin where upon I was told that if I bought one extra product from their line I would receive this beautiful tin of goodies. And I know that Clinique is expensive and there want's really anything that I desperately needed, but it was a deal, and I can never say no to a deal, particularly not in Boots! So in the end I bought my skin gel and a waterproof mascara and was handed my gorgeous tin of Clinique goodies. 

There is a surprising amount of lovely products in her and I definitely think that this deal is worth it. I have really been lovely the eye cream so far as I have been looking for a nice new eye cream for a while and this may just be the one. I also really love using the dramatically different moisturising lotion before I apply my makeup in the morning as it is a lovely base to work on. And the cute little mascara and lip gloss are perfect to carry around in my bag all day for those bathroom top-ups! And miniature things just make me happy for some reason, the travel section in Boots is a bit of a weakness of mine!

And if you still were sure if you really need this offer or if it is really worth it, then can we just have a look at this tin for a minute? How beautiful and Springy (not sure if that is a word!) is it? And a girl can never have too many cute boxes and tins to store nail polishes or beauty products or maybe even homemade cakes! 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Trainers And Cross Country

New Trainers And Cross Country 

Look who got some amazing new trainers? You can't even being to imagine how happy I was when my mum brought these home last weekend. I think I actually did a little scream and a funny celebratory dance! For a few long time now, probably over a year I have been wearing my sisters old trainers which very battered and it's just embarrassing. 

I am kinda obsessed and in love with these trainers now. Not only are they pink and gorgeous but they are also the comfiest pair of shoes that I have ever owned. On Sunday I just wore them with the rest of my dance gear to my lesson and I got so many compliments! And I have been running and going to the gym a lot more recently and I really think that these beauties are going to help motivate me to be fit for summer. 

Today I have just got home after doing house cross country for school. It was very cold and very muddy as it had been raining nearly all day. I managed to finish in 12th place out of about 60 girls so I was so happy with myself. I started off pretty slow, probably a bit too slow, but at the end I forced myself to do a sprint finish and I managed to overtake about 10 people! Feeling pretty tired now so I am going to have a nice candle lit bubble bath and hopefully get quite an early night. x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Barry M Spring Nails

Barry M Spring Nails 

So I know that it's not long since I did my last nail polish post, but ever since my nails got stronger and started to grow I have really enjoyed painting them in beautiful Spring pastel colours. I have never really been into Barry M nail polishes like some people are but I have to admit that they do have some beautiful colours and nail effects at very good prices. These two colours, Gold Glitter 339 and Blue Moon 317 caught my eye a couple of weeks ago and I though they would look perfect together for Spring. 

Recently I have really been loving the accent nail trend as I think that it looks really polished and classy. It also means that you can wear glitter nail polish every day with out looking overdressed. 

One of the first things that I noticed about these nail polishes was how small the brush was on both of them. I personally am not a fan of tiny brushes as I find them harder to work with and more streaky. I much prefer being able to cover a nail polish in one swipe. The second thing that I noted about the pale blue polish was how thin it was when I applied it. I ended up having to do three coats of polish on my nails before I got them to the colour that I wanted, which also meant that the polished ended up looking really thick on my nails. Finally I found that the polish took so long to dry, to be fair it was probably because I had to do so many coats, but it was such a pain. I recon it took me over an hour to paint my nails! The only thing that I have found is that 4 days later and I am pretty impressed by how the nail polish has lasted as it hasn't really chipped, but then that could just be my Rimmel top coat!
So overall, I haven't really been that impressed by these nail polishes at all despite how beautiful I they look on the nails and how much I love the colours. For me the real let down was the tiny brushes and at the moment there is a new very pale blue colour in Barry M gelly high shine that I am desperate for, but I looked in Boots this Saturday and it has the same tiny brush and it put me off. I couldn't find a colour anywhere like it though and I have heard and read so much about the gelly shine nail polishes so many I just need to try that one on my next Boots trip. Have any of you guys ever tried any of these, if so I would love to hear what you think. But for now I haven't been converted to Barry M nail polishes and I am definitely an Essie girl! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

New Spring Top - Tescos

New Spring Top - Tesco

I was just wasting some time in Tesco waiting for my dad when I saw this top and fell in love straight away. It's so pretty and just the perfect pastel pink for Spring time. And I love all the tiny cut flowers that have been sown on to the top. The shape is also really flattering and I think that this would look lovely with jeans or denim short in summer. I actually think that this looks like something that you could buy at Topshop and all the details, like the flowers being different sizes make it look really expensive. And the best part of this is that it was only £16!

So places like Tesco might not be the obvious place to shop for some new Spring wardrobe editions, but you can really find some amazing pieces if you just have a look. And at the fraction of the price of somewhere like Zara or Topshop. Plus the likelihood is that nobody else will have it! 

I am so happy with this top and for someone who only really layers plain and striped tops this is a really fun piece to have in my wardrobe. Hope the sun comes out soon as I am so desperate to show this off! Might need a little hint of gradual tanning moisturiser first though! 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Makeup Free And Messy Bun

Makeup Free And Messy Bun

So this is a bit of a random blog post, but I realised that there are very few pictures of me on my blog and if you are anything like me then it is always nice to put a face to the blogger. Sadly though I'm pretty lazy when it comes to the weekend and as I'm not really doing much today I decided to give my face a break and go makeup free. But I really love that natural light in these pictures and since I don't have any special lighting equipment and I am still pretty knew to photography I think these have turned out alright! I am also supporting what is my attempt at a messy bun after watching Zoella's new video tutorial on YouTube this morning. 

So today I woke up early and got some maths homework done and then went to to town, and Boots obviously for some bits and pieces. I got some lovely stuff from Clinique and a really pretty Spring top all of which should be coming up in post in the next week or so. It's back to work for me now though as I have a huge Geography project in for next week and I am dancing basically all day tomorrow. Happy Saturday guys, speak later. xx

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Wonder Product

The Wonder Product 

So I decided that it was about time to do a post post on a product that I have been so reliant on for years that is truly amazing. I was first introduced to Bio Oil after a bad fall one summer left me with 5 stitches in my knee which left me with a nasty scar. And while there is still a little mark there that I will never be able to get rid of, this product definitely helped the scar to fade. 

After a few years of using this mostly on scars and marks on my body I started to use it on spot scars for my face and noticed the difference pretty soon afterwards. I now use Bio Oil all over my face as a night moisturiser a few times a week. I wouldn't recommend using it any more than this unless you have very dry skin as it could make your skin greasy and break out. It has been particularly amazing this winter as I have been suffering from pretty dry dull skin and this has really helped sort this problem. 

I have also recently been using Bio Oil on other areas where I suffer from extremely dry skin. I always seen to have very dry cracked elbows from the way that I sit leaning on them at school. After only about a week of using this I have already noticed the difference which is amazing. 

On the back of the product it says:
Specialist Skincare for: 

  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Aging Skin 
  • Dehydrated Skin
So if you are suffering from any of these problems or just want something you moisturise and brighten up your skin after a long and cold winter then I cannot recommend this product more. It's not overly expensive for everything that it does and I have even seen it is Primark for a lot cheaper that it is in Boots! Also a little goes such a long way with this product. I have been using mine for about 3 years now and I am only just on to my second bottle 200ml bottle which is the most ridiculous thing in the world.
Hope you like this post, let me know if you have tried Bio Oil before and if so what you think of it. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pretty In Peach

Pretty In Peach 

Since the sun started to come out last week there has been a colour theme in all my makeup. I am totally obsessed with coral/peach. It is just the perfect sophisticated summery pink colour. I also love how it really brightens up my skin and complexion and just gives my face a bit of colour. 

The three Essie nail polishes that are shown about are Sparkle on top, Figi (both appeared in yesterdays post) and Tart deco. Also about is the first creme blusher that I have ever tried and it is just amazing. This colour in 02 really makes my skin look so healthy and really compliments the two lip colours. So the lip combination that I have been loving is the Revlon matte lip balm in complex and on top of that I have been wearing the Maybelline colour sensational shine gloss. This kind of beats the point of the matte lip balm but it acts as such an amazing base and really brings out the beautiful colour of the lip gloss. 

Hope you guys are all having a lovely Wednesday, I've got back from school recently and I already ache from cardio in games at school! But I have to stuff my face with dinner and then head out to my dance class, which is getting super stressful with the show coming up soon. Speak later guys. And watch out in the next few days for a favourite Spring makeup look, which will be my first of this type on the blog! x

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Essie Perfect Spring Nail Combination

Essie Perfect Spring Nail Combination

I know we are only the middle of March and technically Spring hasn't even started yet, but I recently I have just been going a bit crazy for all things pretty and pastel. You may recognise these two gorgeous Essie nail polishes from my very large Boots haul a week or so ago. They have already made it on to my nails and already I am in love.

The two shades that I got were Fiji and Sparkle on top. Fiji is a beautiful opaque pink that it so pale it's almost white. It looks really clean and polished and I love how think and strong the colours it when not a lot of pale pinks are. Sparkle on top is just a glitter top coat with some big and some little chucks of glitter, that catch the light and just look so stunning. Together they just make the most perfect Spring nail combination and I have got so many compliments when wearing these two. 

The cold winter really dried out and ruined my nails. But recently I have been taking special care of them and using several really good new products that I have found, which I will be doing a post on soon. I have been on a nail polish break for a few weeks now and I was so nice to have my nails looking all nice and pretty again. And does anybody else find painting their nails really therapeutic?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Pretty Spring Flowers

Pretty Spring Flowers

So there isn't really a lot of point to this post, but I thought it would make for some pretty photography. If you read my last post you would know that this weekend was pretty stressful for me. I had loads of stuff going on, very little sleep and no time to do any of my homework, which I like to stay on top of and get done as soon as possible. So I just thought it was the sweetest thing when I got to school to find that my boyfriend had go me these beautiful flowers. And I was particularly impressed with his choice! 

Today was long and tiring and I was working really hard to try and catch up from my lack of work this weekend. But it is just little things like this that can really mean everything to someone. So if you have a friend or family who seems a little down or stress or you even just want a chance to show them that you care then tomorrow try and do something little to brighten up their day. You could right them a note, or share some chocolate with them, make them a cup of tea in the morning, or even just give them a compliment about their hair or clothes. 

I think it really is just the little things that mean the most to people. And then when you are going through a hard time those people will return the favour and be there for you too. Sometimes we are so busy with our own lives, work, school and family that we can just forget how important it is to make other people feel good about themselves. This is getting pretty deep for a Monday evening and I still have some work to do for tomorrow! But I really am going to try and do this tomorrow, no matter how tired and stressed I am myself. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Weekend Update

A Weekend Update 

So this has been the busiest weekend that I have had in a long time. It was super fun but also pretty tiring and stressful and I thought that I would just update you guys. I am writing this just before I go to bed while listening to a calming playlist on Spotify and drinking a mix of lemonade and summer fruit squash. Probably not the best thing to be drinking for bed but I need something refreshing not a hot drink and this just reminds me of Spring!

So on Friday night it was my brother, Nick's, 16th birthday party so my boyfriend Jack and I came home from school to help with the final setting up and organising. It total about seventy 15/16 year olds were round our house, party music was playing very loud and everyone was drinking and dancing. Lets just say after about 9:30pm things started to go a bit wrong. We had some gatecrashers, nearly a fight and several people who were not doing so great. So Nick won't be having any house parties any time soon, or ever for that matter! Trying to look on the plus side though, I no longer have a fear of vomit and people throwing up. After about the fourth person you just learn to ignore the smell and the gross sound!

So after going to bed at about 2am the night before I woke up at 8am for a very early driving lesson, which I seemed surprisingly awake for. And it was nice to catch up with my instructor and tell her about my eventful evening. I then spent the rest of Saturday doing homework and helping with the party clean up while Jack just fell asleep on my bed. He is one of those lucky people who can just fall asleep anywhere and straight away, I'm totally the opposite. At about 6pm I started my party preparation with a long hot shower and a hair mask that I am loving and will probably talk about it a post very soon. The party was one of Jack's bestfriends 18th and it was in a really lovely cottage that they own but don't live in. I ended up staying over and but got into bed pretty early only to take several hours to actually fall asleep. The next morning I came home, had a shower to freshen up, ate a huge bacon sandwich and went to a 4 hour dance rehearsal, which was really fun but I was already so exhausted and it sort of finished me off. I arrived home at 4:30 and slept right up to dinner time where I had a lovely roast with my family.

So this weekend was very tiring as you can probably imagine! I am looking forward to snuggling up in bed in a minute and catching up on some much needed sleep! Hope you guys all had a great weekend as well. x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Topshop Ohh La La Lipstick Review

Topshop Ohh La La Lipstick Review 

Okay, so I have a confession to make. This is the first piece of Topshop makeup that I have ever bought! I know, it's ridiculous. Especially since I am always hearing so many good things about Topshop make. So anyway, the first purchase that I made was this bright coral red coloured lipstick for £8. Over the last few months I have been really getting into lipsticks and have started to build up a bit of a collection. But so far the colours that I have are pretty wintery and as I am already shopping for Spring/Summer (I know it's early but I'm so excited!) I chose this beautiful bright shade. 

To be perfectly honest the tester was very scary, I've never really rocked a bright bold lip colour before and not even the pictures can show you how bright this is in real life! The best way that I can think of describing it would be to say that it's a "neon peachy colour". Not really very technical but oh well! It doesn't come out as bright on the lips but can really be built up to however strong you want it. And the formula is not matte but not overly glossy either which I really love. 

One thing that I do have to say is that being a bold lip you really can tell when your lips are dry or flaky. A little bit of exfoliating before wearing this lipstick is definitely a must! I think this would look gorgeous in Spring with lashings of mascara and dewy bronzed skin. I can also imagine wearing something crisp and white to really pull this modern Spring look together. 

Overall I am very impressed with my first Topshop product and will definitely be buying some more pieces on my next shopping spree. So let me know in the comments below what you think about Topshop makeup and I would love to hear about any product recommendations that you have. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Little H&M Haul

A Little H&M Haul

It's it just the best thing when clothes that you ordered arrive? So I thought that I would share with you just a few things that arrived yesterday from H&M, which is where a lot of my clothes are from. I ordered this casual grey jumper which I love as it is surprisingly flattering as well as being very comfy. I am love getting new jumpers when they are all soft and fluffy on the inside. I also got a beige/grey pair of shorts as I thought they looked quite smart and would go with everything. What I really like about these shorts is that they are slightly longer than most short shorts but not too long so that they are unflattering. Another thing that I ordered was this really pretty cream top with little navy spots on, which can be dressed up or down and looks really lovely with a pair of dark denim jeans. I particularly love the pretty gold zip detail at the back. Finally I got several pairs of socks just because I need them and I really hate it when socks get old and have been through the wash so many times that they shrink and aren't as soft anymore.

There is definitely a bit of a colour scheme going on in what I ordered. But what can I say, navy, grey, beige and cream are just my signature colours! Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little haul post.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Florals For School

Spring Florals For School 

It has finally started to feel like Spring is here and I am just so excited. And to celebrate my excitement I decided to bring out what I consider to be a "Spring" blouse for the first time this year! I bought this shirt last year from H&M for school as it is just so beautiful and just get me so excited for Spring and Summer. I love the floral print and how it is only on the sides and part of the sleeves which makes it more unusual. I'm not really one for anything too bright, I usually just stick to navy and grey which is a bit sad really, but this shirt was just so pretty that I couldn't resist.

This is a picture that I quickly took this morning before school. I wouldn't normally wear this skirt but my school  dress code is "smart business wear". It means I can get away with much more than other schools with much stricter uniform rules, but this is just one of my more smarter and longer skirts. I also paired my outfit with some daisy earrings to keep up with my floral theme!

But despite my efforts to get into that Spring mode it was all thrown back in my face by some very chilly weather! Typical England! So I will keep hoping and dreaming of Spring, but for now maybe I should go back to the snug winter coat! 

Apologies for the bad quality photos, I wake up very early and the lighting this morning was awful. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Large Spring Boots Haul

Large Spring Boots Haul 

Oh dear! Boots has huge 3 for 2 offers and so this is what I came home with! This Saturday I went shopping in town with my dad and sister and we ended up spending about an hour and a half in Boots which is totally ridiculous! At the moment Boots has 3 for 2 on haircare, skincare and makeup which are some pretty amazing deals. And just at the perfect time as we are starting to move into warmer months and makeup goes all pretty and pastel and skin needs to be prepped and primed for tanning (hopefully pretty soon). So natural I was drawn to the huge offer signs and once I started to put things into my basket I just couldn't stop!

On top of the amazing offers I also had loads of deals for my Boots card such and money back and extra points. I actually ended up going back to the till 5 times to get as many points back on my card as possible! I got some very strange looks from the lady at the till, but it was worth it for the £15 of points I got back. Although naturally I went back and spent that on more 3 for 2 makeup! Typical me! But Boots cards really are the best loyally cards that I have ever come across and I would really recommend them. Even my dad has one! But for this shopping trip we had I managed to persuade him to let me have the points!

When I read other peoples beauty blogs and watch their YouTube videos I make a list on my phone of products that I want to try or shades of lipstick that I think look nice etc. I'd build a nice long list of things over the last few months or so and I saw these Boots offers as the perfect opportunity to treat myself to some of the things that I had been wishing for. I have already tried basically all of these products already, I'm like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to opening beauty products. But I can't wait to really use and see how I get along with all of these products. I'm already in love with the both the peach lip products! And you'll probably be seeing a lot of these again in my March Favourites! 

So I hope this tempts you into popping into Boots as well and going a bit crazy with all the deals, just so I don't feel quite so bad about the amount of stuff I bought! But really, you don't want to be missing this deal. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Having A Spring Jean

Having A Spring Jean 

So I'm sitting at my desk and the sun is flooding in though my windows and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Which means after a long and cold winter Spring is finally here! Sometimes I think I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder as I just seem much more stressed and tired during winter but as soon as the sun comes out I suddenly have all of this energy!

Apart from the beautiful scenery and just feeling so much happier on of my favourite things about Spring is the fashion. I just love all of the beautiful pastel colours and cute patterns and beachy hair and stacked up rings and bracelets. So I decided to share with you my love for Spring and do a few posts of some Spring outfits, hairstyles, makeup etc. To kick off this mini series I'm starting with a trend that I love, Spring jeans. After months of wearing dark colours beautiful pastel jeans just make me so happy!

Living in the UK means that around this time of year it isn't quite warm enough to wear short yet and I still can't really leave the house without some sort of jacket. What I really love about these kinds of jeans is that they are a little bit different and unexpected, not just your regular denim. But for someone like me who isn't too adventurous with fashion they are so easy and relaxed to wear as they still go with pretty much anything. And if you want to play it really safe then just a loose white top is always a good option. 

Another thing that I love about pastel coloured jeans is that it means I can also wear them with my lovely pale denim jacket that I got last summer. I don't feel like I am fashionable enough to get away with the double denim trend! 

Anyway I hope with this has inspired you to wear some pastel coloured jeans and break out of your fashion comfort zone, or even just got you excited for sunshine and Spring. I think now it looks so nice I am going to take my homework and do it in the garden! Might even start to build up a bit of a tan! Anyway, happy Spring guys x

Pink jeans - Primark 

Beige jeans - Primark 
Turquoise jeans - TK Maxx
Striped demin jeans - River Island (a few years old, sorry) 

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Most Amazing Brownies

The Most Amazing Brownies 

So last night I spent the majority of my evening making these amazing brownies for my Economics Class today. Words cannot describe to you how amazing these tasty treats look and the best thing is that they are aren't that difficult to make.

The link to how to make these is in the link below:

The only think I will say is that you can''t eat these and be thinking about calories. They are incredibly unhealthy, but they also taste incredible so it's worth it!