Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Casual Sunday Outfit

A Casual Sunday Outfit 

Just a quick outfit post for today as I wasn't really doing very much. I just wore my newest pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins. They are really dark denim which means that they are super flatters. I also wore this stripey lace cami top from Tesco which I got a while ago and this lovely slouchy grey jumper from H&M. I'm also wearing my new watch which I got from my birthday which I am so in love with and now it feels strange if I'm not wearing it!

Hope you are all well. I'm just watching Made In Chelsea with my mum and then I'm going to get an early night. Speak soon xx

Monday, 25 August 2014

Packing For A Night Away

Packing For A Night Away

The other night I went away on a last minute trip to Manchester with my mum. We got the train in the evening, stayed the night in a hotel and then spent the next day exploring Manchester. Because the next day everything that I had with me I would have to carry all day around Manchester I needed to pack as light as I possibly could. I wanted to fit everything in just my small new black handbag.

The only clothes that I took where clean underwear and socks for the next day and a pair of thin pyjamas. I took the usual beauty items than I carry around in my handbag like my hand cream and sanitiser and my purse. I also packed a magazine and some chocolate for the train journey. The majority of space in my handbag was taken up by my new spotty wash bag which I managed to fit all of my wash stuff and all of my make up in. I transferred a lot of my wash stuff into these little pots so that I didn't have to carry around massive bottles. To save more space I also took a travel tube of toothpaste and dry shampoo so that I wouldn't have to wash my hair until the next evening.

In terms of makeup I really tried to pack the minimal amount. I decided to skip the foundation and BB cream and just use concealer and powder instead. To save even more space I took one eyeshadow that I could use to fill in my eyebrows a bit as well as for a bit of colour over my eyes. Then I just bought my other regular makeup such as mascara and eyeliner and only allowed myself one lip colour choice.

Hope this helps if you are just packing for a night away. My top ups would be to transfer things into smaller bottles and to not allow yourself any choices for makeup or clothes etc; one option is enough. Wondering why I went on a last minute trip to Manchester? You'll have to wait and see! Or if you are following me on Instagram then you might already know! :) xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Outfit Of The Day - Friends Birthday In London

Outfit Of The Day - Friends Birthday In London

Can't stop wearing my new black handbag, and of course my new watch!

My past post was all about what I got up to this Friday for my best friends birthday, but I thought I would also do a very quick post on what I wore. I am really loving the minimalist style at the moment. Clean cut simple pieces in monochrome colours accessorized with statement jewellery. I bought this necklace last winter from Accessorize in the sale and I just love it for dressing up a simple outfit. 

This top I actually bought in the morning before I went up to London while I was wondering around town. I have a top quite similar to this than I wear ALL THE TIME. It's appeared a lot on my blog already but it is just a simple chiffon top with pleats down the front. It's one of those items that as soon as it goes through the wash I always need it again! And it's got to the point where I've worn and washed it so much that it has started to go more yellow than white. I spotted this one that just looked perfect in a little shop window. The top is from French Connection and it's a chiffon fabric at the front but cotton at the back. It's so simple but I think it will go with everything. 

So I'd love to hear in the comments what you think about this outfit. Also I'm going away tomorrow on hoilday with my bestfriend to Devon. Sadly she doesn't have internet and I'm not going to be taking my laptop so there probably won't be another post until next Saturday so I hope you all enjoy your week. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Personal Shopping, Pizzas and Wicked

Personal Shopping, Pizzas and Wicked 

Some of the clothes that were picked out for us. 

Not my usual sytle!

Defo not our style!

Can we please just take a moment to appriciate this skirt...

Loving our skirts!

I have actually been buying so much sequin stuff recently. Collective haul should be coming up soon :)


Wicked was WICKED! Sorry, had to be done!

Yesterday was my bestfriends birthday and just like my mum planned something for us on my birthday her mum did the same. The only different was her mum can keep a secret and my mum just can't contain her excitement! We went up to the massive Oxford Street Topshop in London and to the personally shopping department downstairs where we met the lady who had picked out some clothes for us from the descriptions Livi's mum had sent. We were shown our own little room with the clothes in and had a little look and then started to try stuff on. 

Nearly all of the clothes were stuff that we would never normally pick out when shopping for ourselves. Some of them were totally not our style and looked ridiculous and some of them we tried on and actually quite liked. Livi and I are also pretty much exactly the same size which meant that we had twice the number of clothes to try on! After we'd finished trying on all of the clothes that were picked out for us we had a little wonder around the shop picking up other items that we wanted to try on. And we found that because we had just done the personal shopping we were now much more adventurous with what we were trying on. We wondered back to the shop grabbing loads of different clothes and then on the way back to the changing room I saw this beautiful sequin skirt. I search for the price but I couldn't find one and even though it was in the labels section and I presumed it would be way over my budget I grabbed it anyway as I was so desperate to try it on. My new mantra for shopping is to only buy things that I really love. It stops my buying things that I think are okay just because they are cheap or in the sale. Not only does that take up so much space in my wardrobe but it is also such a waste of money. And the only think that I tried on and I really loved was this beautiful sequin skirt. And it was one of those beautiful moments where I looked at the price expecting it to be expensive and what pleasantly surprised that it was £35! Livi also bought this beautiful white skirt (one of the few things that was picked out for us that we liked) that I am very jealous of!

After Topshop personal shopping we did a little bit more shopping on Oxford street but considering it coming to the end of season the sales weren't that good. It was early evening when we were starving and we headed to Strata for a very yummy pizza. And I was feeling so adventurous that I asked for chicken instead of ham on my pizza! I'm so fussy! Then we caught the tube to Victoria and bought some (a lot!) of chocolate at the station. After queuing for ages to go the the toilet before the performance, why is it that there can never be enough ladies toilets?! We got to our seats and they were really close to the front which was amazing!

The show was awesome even though we had both already seem it before. Last time I saw it I was right at the top and had to use the binoculars so it was really great this time to be able to see all the actors facial expressions. If you haven't seen Wicked I would really recommend it, it's very clever and funny and the music is just incredible. Definitely one of my favourite musicals ever!

I had the most amazing day and now my bestfriend and I are both mature 18 year olds. Just kidding! Watch out world!!

If you want to see what I wore yesterday around London and to the theatre then keep an eye out for my next post! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend, I'm off for a barbecue with my boyfriend and his family now. Speak later xx 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Blouse As A Beach Cover Up

Blouse As A Beach Cover Up

I totally forgot to upload this post while I was in Cornwall and now summer is nearly over and it seems a bit silly now! I got this blouse from Monsoon a few months ago in the sale and I just think it is so pretty. I love all the pretty details at the front and on the sleeves and this looks great with a pair on denim jeans.

However while I was in Cornwall when I was sunbathing sometimes the sun would go in and it would get a bit chilly. I started using this blouse sort of like a beach cover up. I know it's pretty see through and short so I wouldn't wear this out on it's own otherwise, but I really like how it looks just thrown over a bikini. Let me know what you guys think :) xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

What I Got For My 18th Birthday!

What I Got For My 18th Birthday!

I've seen a few of these going around on blogger and YouTube and personally I find them so interesting to watch. But like all these videos and blogposts I just want to start by saying I'm not trying to brag or boast about what I got for my birthday. I am so grateful for everything that I received and I realise none of this stuff I really needed but I love everything that I got and I just wanted to share it on my blog. I still can't believe how lucky I am!

I'm not going to list anything or go into huge amounts of detail as that would take forever and probably get really boring. But I am going to share with you lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy having a look at my presents. 


I've wanted to try real Techniques brushes for the longest time so thank you to my sister for taking note of my hints!

You can never go wrong with chocolate! There was actually another box from my boyfriends parents but they didn't even last long enough for this photo! And how cute are those piglet chocolates that my brother got me?

I have a little bit of am obsession with stationery! People know me to well...

My mum chose this beautiful glass bowl that I thing will look great in my room for storing jewellery in. 

I can't believe my brother chose this! And it actually smells good too!

I picked these out and my sister got them for me. I really hope that this is the light blue nail polish I have been looking for for so long!

Love the colours in this scarf and those earrings are just gorgeous!

Found this top while on holiday in cornwall from a vintage second hand shop. I'll definitely be wearing something under it, don't worry!

Beautiful simple flower earrings from my auntie

More lovely earrings from my mum and sister

I dropped so many hints to my mum about this handbag that I spotted in Accessorize. I don't actually own a black handbag so thought I would get a lot of use out of this during Autumn and Winter.

This is such a Mary Poppins bag! I used this as a handbag and overnight bag the other day. In fact, this is the only bag I've used since I got it!

This is the coat that I talked about in my holiday post that I found it St Ives :)

My grandma gave me this ring. I love the colour of it but it's also very special as it has been passed down my family. I think this is now one of the most precious things that I own.

My grandma also wrote this little note in the ring box

This watch is from my parents although I actually chose it a few months ago. It's a beautiful rose gold and I love how simple it is. 

My new everyday watch. I've never really worn watches before so it makes me feel really grown up and smart when I wear it!

Such a beautiful photo frame collection from my boyfriends parents who are so sweet. This is going to look so lovely on the bare wall above my bed. 

And last but not least my present from my boyfriend...

Absolutely beautiful pearl earrings! I know, I'm a very very lucky girl!

I'm kind of scared to wear these though as I don't want to ever lose them!

Hope you enjoyed having a little look at what I got for my birthday :) xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My 18th Birthday!

My 18th Birthday!

Cute birthday breakfast with my family and Jack

Sparklers on my birthday cake!

Before dinner out

My little sister chose this awesome glass for me

Making my birthday wish!

The nail polish I chose for my manicure (two days later)

I'm finally 18! It's really weird being on of the youngest in the year and having everyone turn 18 way before you. I thought because nearly all my friends had by the time that it got to my birthday I would be ready for it. But the fact that I am now 18 is still just such a crazy concept to me! Anyway, I honestly had the most amazing birthday. My family, particularly my mum and my sister put so much effort and time into making the whole weekend so amazing and special and I am just so grateful. 

My birthday celebrations started on the Saturday evening before my birthday. My boyfriend Jack came round in the early evening and we all got ready for a meal out in a French restaurant in town. It was such a nice evening that we decided to walk there which sadly we really don't do as often as we should. The meal was so lovely and as it was my birthday we all got complementary drinks and all the staff came over and sang to me and gave me a free chocolate dessert with a candle on and the cute pink party hat! 

In the morning we all had a little lie in and then went into my mum and dads room and all sat on the bed as I opened my presents. It's a little tradition in my family in my family to open birthday presents in the morning all together on the bed and it was nice to have Jack there as well. I can't believe how many presents I got and how much thought people had put into the gifts. I was a very very lucky girl and I am absolutely in love with everything that I got. Should be a "What I got for my birthday" post coming on the blog soon.

After I opened my presents we went downstairs and I had a lovely birthday breakfast with croissants and pan au chocolats which are my favourite. A bit later on we went for a quick dog walk and then came back home for a small roast lunch. Not long after lunch Jack parents came round to pick him up and give my my present which was so sweet of them. We had tea and birthday cake and it was really lovely.

After cake time mum and I rushed off to pick my bestfriend Livi up for my birthday surprise, which wasn't actually a surprise because my mum can't keep a secret! The drive was long but when we got arrived we were dropped off at a beautiful spa and hotel. After we got into our lovely hotel room we had a quick dip in the swimming pool and a little sit in the sauna. And because it was a Sunday night and most other people had gone home we basically had the whole thing to ourselves!

Then at 5pm my mum had each of us booked in for a back massage. I've never really had a massage before but it has been something I have wanted to do for so long. It honestly felt amazing and it was so relaxing and I was so scared that I would fall asleep and start dribbling! After we both had a little manicure and I chose this gorgeous shimmery navy polish which was probably a little bit wintery but I just fell in love with the colour. After we sat in this posh relaxation room while we chatted and waited for our nails to dry!

Then we went back to our hotel room and got ready for our evening meal in the hotel. My mum had booked us in for a 3 course meal in the smart hotel restaurant. The food was amazing and I had such a lovely soup for a starter, an amazing steak and then Eton mess for dessert. It was nice just to have a catch up and a DMC with my bestie over a fancy meal! After we went back to our room got into our pjs and snuggled up in our bed to watch MiC while stuffing our faces even more with sweets and chocolate. 

The next morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast in the hotel resaurant. We had to sign out of our rooms at 11 but we were still allowed to use all of the facilities. We used the gym for about an hour and a half and basically had it all to ourselves. I was really proud of myself in the gym but the sad reality is that that was the most exercise I had done all summer! After we went into the swimming pool again and used the sauna in the hope that the 5/10 minutes we were in there it would dramatically improve our skin! And in the swimming pool I started off doing lengths like the sophisticated 18 year old that I know am, but after about 5 minutes I was back to doing handstands and star floats and roly polys! Mum came and picked us up at around 3 and we were home in time for tea.

I had the most amazing birthday and I am not trying to brag about anything I did, I really am so grateful especially to my parents. I like to share a bit of my life and what I get up to on this blog as well as beauty and fashion and this was a pretty big thing for me. Hope you are all still enjoying your summer even though it is getting a little chilly here now. Speak soon :) xx