Friday, 14 February 2014

Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed

Okay, so I am still stuck in my star obsessed phase. So I thought that I would do a quick post of the things that I have really been loving recently. I think that as soon as it start to get sunnier and warmer outside I will find a new colour or print obsession. But for now I am totally starry eyed over star print. 

  • Jack Wills Navy Top - so you may recognise this from my A Little Sale Shopping post. Well I love this top so much. My favourite thing has been to dress it up with a statement necklace, dark jeans and a black blazer for a smart evening out look. 
  • Monsoon Grey Jumper - I love Monsoon jumpers, they are so pretty and feminine and they are such good quality. But they are also a little over my budget. I got this one for Christmas a couple of years back and it is still one of my favourite items of clothing. 
  • Zara White Top - Zara do some really great basic tops in a wide range of different prints and colours and they aren't overly expensive. This one is loose fitting and I have to wear a cami underneath it, but it looks really pretty and casual. 
  • Double Star Necklace - I got this in my stocking this Christmas after I chose it from a Christmas fair in Kensington that I went to with my mum. It was only £10 but I think it looks a lot more expensive and it dresses up any outfit perfectly. 
  • Star Ring - I bought this last summer in St Ives after I decided that I wanted to start wearing rings more. I love how they look but I don't have very many nice simple ones that I can wear everyday. What I really love about this one is that it is adjustable which means I can change the size depnding on which finger I want to wear it on. Plus it doesn't leave that horrible green line on my finger. 
  • Star Earring - these actually can with the necklace and are really lovely. I usually wear small simply earrings to school or when I am wearing a necklace and these are a pretty alternative to pearl or silver studs. 
Star print is definitely a more Christmas/Winter trend I think so while the weather in England is showing no sign of ever welcoming Spring I'm just gonna be rocking the star print. Is there any trend, colour or print that you have been obsessed with recently? 

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