Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ultimate Pamper Evening

Ultimate Pamper Evening

My idea of the perfect evening is soaking in a candle lit bubble bath with a face mask on reading a magazine. After a busy and stressful week, whether it be from school or work, or just life in general there is nothing better than having a bit of me time. This weekend I went totally all out with mine, so much so that I made myself a long checklist of everything I would possibly need to pamper myself. So here is my guide to the ultimate pamper evening. 

  1. Candles - I have so many of these around my room and in the bathroom. Nothing helps me to relax more than some beautiful smelling candles. 
  2. Take your makeup off - you can't even think about pampering until your makeup is removed. 
  3. Wash your face - wash away all the grime that's clogged up your pores during the day this is a total must if you are going to be using a face mask or anything else on your face. 
  4. Steam your face - fill a large bowl with boiling water from the kettle and then hold your face over the bowl with a towel over you head. The steam will really open up your pores so that any mask you use afterwards is much more effective. Make sure that you eyes are protected when doing this and the skin around you eye area is very delicate and this may weaken it. 
  5. Face mask time - the type of face mask you use depends on your skin type and what you want the mask to do. I love using the Boots 3-minute clay mask to remove all the impurities from my skin. Be careful to read exactly how long you should leave your mask on for or this could irritate the skin. 
  6. Bubble bath - I recommend lots of bubbles, dimmed lights and lots of candles but it's really whatever you fancy, if your more a shower person then go for that
  7. Exfoliate - use a brush, rougher sponge, exfoliating gloves or a shower gel with exfoliating beads in. Scrub all of your dead skin cells away for beautiful smooth skin afterward. Don't be too harsh though as this may also irritate your skin. 
  8. Moisturise -  once your out your bath/shower moisturiser is your best friend. This is such an easy step to skip during the week when your short of time but for a pamper evening this is a must. My favourite at the moment is the Body Shop Shea Butter body butter, in fact that whole Body Shop collection just smells amazing. 
  9. Nose strip - these don't work for everyone but I find they are amazing for getting rid of blackheads around my nose. I like the Tea Tree Which Hazel pack of 6 from Boots. 
  10. Pluck your eyebrows - this is something that I often forget about, but when I get round to really spend time shaping my brows I realise just how much it changes the way I look. I like to follow the pencil rule here.
  11. Facial massager - I don't really know what this does but it is so relaxing and feels amazing. Mine is this one from the Body Shop. 
  12. Tone up - don't worry, I not suggesting you start doing any exercise right now! After using a face mask, particularity clay, skin can feel tight or dry. Use a gently toner and then some moisturiser for smooth soft skin. My favourite is Boots Rose Water. 
  13. Exfoliate your lips - coat your lips in Vasaline or lip balm and then gently scrub them with a tooth brush to make them super soft. Then rinse with warm water, dry them gently and more more lip balm on. 
  14. Spot treatment - dab a little Tea Tree oil on spots that you can feel coming through and they will have shrunk by morning. 
  15. Manicure - shape and file those talons, moisturise those cuticles, paint those nails. A pamper evening must, I have nothing else to say. 
  16. Pedicure - I HATE feet! But just because they are gross, particularly since they have been hidden in winter boots does not mean you can forget about them. In fact with Spring on the way (not really, but I like to think so!) they need even more attention. I like to coat my feet in foot moisturiser and put some socks on so they are lovely and soft when I get to pedicure time. 
  17. Chill - now make yourself a hot drink sit back, put your feet up and relax, know them you now look beautiful. This is when girlie magazines are read and chick flicks are watched. 
Hope you enjoyed my guide to an ultimate pamper evening and it inspires you to put aside an evening once a week to have a bit of me time. It's worth it, I promise. 

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