Thursday, 3 July 2014

Looking Back At My Last Prom

Looking Back At My Last Prom

Recognise these shoes from my last post?!

So with my Prom (Summer Ball) coming up in only a couple of days now I thought that it would be cute/funny if I looked back at my last Prom (at the end of year 11) and shared some photographs with you.

I think year 11 is when you are still kind of in that awkward stage, well I certainly was anyway! I had braces which I was told would be off before Prom but sadly had to stag on a whole year after that. You may also notice that my hair is a lot darker, almost back and not really very natural. This is because several months prior to Prom I started using a hair lightening spray in my hair with the hope of achieving that naturally sun-kissed look. However the product was meant to make blonde hair blonder and as you may have guessed I am and always have been brunette. Turns out this product did really lighten my hair, just not to the colour that I was hoping for. My hair ended up turning a strawberry blonde/copper/ginger colour which really didn't suit me and I really didn't like. So had my hair dyed back to something close to my natural colour, which then came out a lot darker than I expected! Thankfully during the summer my hair did lighten a lot in the sun but with prom being at the beginning of summer it means that in all the photos I have very dark hair!

My dress was this one from French Connection which I found while shopping with my mum and my friend. I thick it was the first strapless dress that I ever wore and I was so nervous about it because at that point I still didn't really have very much to hold it up with (if you get me!). But I still really love this dress and it does still fit me so it definitely was a good investment.

So I hope that this little post has made you smile! I feel like I've changed and grown up so much since these photos were taken two years ago. But I'm super excited for my Year 13 Prom this Saturday and I can't wait to do a post on it afterwards showing you all my dress, accessories, hair and makeup. And maybe you'll have to come back to this post and do a little comparison! xx 

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