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Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette 

Katherine Penney Chic makeup beauty palette Too Faced natural luxury nude eyeshadow pretty

This is the beautiful Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette that I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. It is quickly becoming one of my most used palettes and I wanted to share with you a little review and some images. 

Firstly the packaging of the palette is beyond beautiful with the pretty pastel colours and details. I also love the fact that it is a tin as it is easy to clean, very hard to break and has a satisfying click close meaning the palette won't just open in your bag. 

Katherine Penney Chic makeup beauty palette Too Faced natural luxury nude eyeshadow pretty

Inside the palette there are 12 colours, so the palette is nice and compact for the wide colour range. If I was going away for the weekend then this is all that I would need to take. The 3 shades on the left are all about double the size of the others as there are the natural base colours that you are likely to use on a more regular basis. 

Katherine Penney Chic makeup beauty palette Too Faced natural luxury nude eyeshadow pretty

The colour range is also beautiful and such a perfect day and night time palette. The shades are all slightly glittery but range in the amount of glitter pigments. Most of the colours are beige and pinky shades but there is also a grey, a purple colour and a glittery black. The shades are all such beautiful quality and are really blendable and pigmented. 

Katherine Penney Chic makeup beauty palette Too Faced natural luxury nude eyeshadow pretty

In the buff - this is the lightest and most matte of all the shades and is a creamy colour. I like to use this shade along my brown bone and in the inner corner of my eye for a brightening effect. 

Satin sheets - this is a beautiful pale pink with a gold shimmer running through it. I wear this one quite often all over my lids as it is a great everyday shade but can also be dressed up with a darker crease colour for the evening.

Birthday suit - this is by far my most worn colour in the whole palette. It's a really light and shimmery goldy beige colour which makes it perfect for an everyday natural eye look. I usually wear this all over the lids with something matte brown in my crease. 

Fuzzy handcuffs - this is very similar to the shade satin sheets but without the gold shimmer. So this would be a perfect base and everyday colour and looks very natural.

Sugar walls - if you were to mix satin sheets and birthday suit I think that this is the colour that you would get. It is one of the most shimmery colours in the palette and also has some slightly larger glitter running through. The colour is subtle and natural but the glitter adds a little bit of something extra making it perfect for day or evening. 

Lap dance - this is a slightly darker and more purpley version of birthday suit. I like to wear birthday suit all over my lid and then use this in the outer corner and the crease to add a bit more depth. 

Voulez - vous - this is a gorgeous shimmery dark purple colour. I love this for evening as it is a little different but just looks so beautiful (especially on brown and green eyes). This looks lovely all over the lid or just as an outer corner and crease colour. 

Garter belt - this is an almost matte grey shade. It's quite a simple colour but it really ties the palette together. It works as a crease colour for all of the lighter shades or as a base colour for voulez-vous and French tickler. 

French tickler - this is a black shade with a gold shimmer. It's super pigmented so you hardly need any on your brush and it is perfect for a really smokey eye evening look. 

Katherine Penney Chic makeup beauty palette Too Faced natural luxury nude eyeshadow pretty

Overall I think this is a really amazing palette. It's definitely as good as my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette with the same number of shades but smaller packaging and slightly cheaper. This is one of the more high end makeup pieces that I own but I really do think that you pay for quality and this has become such a staple for me. 

This palette usually retails for £29 but lucky for you I have just found it at Debenhams for 10% off!
Boudoir Eyes Palette 



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